Top Ten Armies [12/20/20-12/26]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The final Top Ten Armies of 2020 is here, but how did the major armies fare?

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1. Ice Warriors [100.00]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [96.91]

3. Army of Club Penguin [80.57]

 4. Help Force [78.15]

5. Doritos [74.22]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [49.00]

7. Water Ninjas [48.20]

 8. Water Vikings [44.72]

 9. Silver Empire [40.00]

10. Pizza Federation [38.25] 

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1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors’ had a chilly week, celebrating both the holidays and several milestones. Beginning their week was two anniversaries of the Discord, celebrating a year and the first Ice Warriors’ event. Their AUSIA celebration saw 56 attendees, whereas their second had 62 attend. To prepare for the upcoming year, the warriors held a training, maxing 59 penguins, before seeing off their leader, Regan. At Regan’s retirement event, 100 attended to see the newly inducted legend before he leaves the leadership. Ending their week were three battles, the first being a “Santa vs. Elves” with 54 attendees, and the Elves taking the victory. Then, both the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation held a practice battle to praise their long-time alliance, maxing 62. After Christmas, the army held another battle versing the Reindeers against Santa, seeing a total of 46.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation started their recent week with an AUSIA U-Lead event, seeing 43 troops in attendance. Afterward, 57 Rebels logged on for a fun celebration event in honor of their Christmas Chaos win. Tuesday kicked off with an AUSIA Snow Angel event, which saw a size of 38. Following that, the Federation’s divisions faced off the Water Ninjas in a three-way practice battle, maxing 51. With Wednesday came their classic mid-week EU event–this time with a twist as the Rebels joined hands with the Ice Warriors for one final, friendly battle before Flash’s demise. They peaked at a size of 53 for this event. The next day, they held a festive AUSIA stamp event and maxed 49. Following a brief Christmas break, the Rebels held two events on Saturday, kicking off their exciting winter Olympics. The former saw a size of 82, while the latter saw 63 troops in attendance–truly ending 2020 with a bang.

3. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin began their week off with a very eventful event, the Aces of AUSIA finals in which they battled against Help Force. In this battle, the Clovers managed to max an astonishing total of 77 troops. The Army of CP continued their week with a reindeer takeover event where they maxed 27 reindeers. Then, they continued their festive cheer with a Santa takeover event, which was also an igloo raid–this UK event had a total of 44 troops in attendance. Their next event consisted of their UK and US divisions going on a hunt for the Grinch. This event saw a max of 41 penguins. Keeping with the holiday theme, the Clovers held an AUSIA “home alone” event where they maxed 37, and then a UK/US Elves vs. Snowmen divisional battle where they saw a max of 34 troops. To end off their week, ACP hosted a Christmas ball where they had a total size of 35 troops, and lastly an AUSIA game tournament where they once again maxed 35.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force had a short week with only two events. Their first was the Aces of AUSIA Finals against the Army of Club Penguin in which they brought home the trophy with 85 troops in attendance. The blue army then proceeded to host a joint Igloo Raid event with the Army of Club Penguin on Monday with a peak of 40 helpers online.

5. DoritosThe Doritos held 3 events this week. They began their week on Sunday with a UK Winterball event, where they reached a max of 60 troops. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA U-lead / Reindeer takeover event, with 34 troops in attendance. To conclude their week on Thursday, they held a community Christmas Ball event and hit a max of 40.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics only held two events this week. Their first was the Defense of Avalanche on Monday against the Pizza Federation in which they maxed 38. The following day, SWAT battled the Federation yet again with 35 troops in attendance.

7. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas were busy this week, with five total events. They started their week off with a fun joint training and find-four event where they maxed 26. In their second event, 25 Ninjas showed up to another training. Continuing through the week they held an exciting practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation’s divisions, where they peaked this week with 30 troops. Next, they held an event mixing a battle with Templars, a training event, and a Sled Racing tournament, where they maxed 25 altogether. To conclude the week they hosted a Roast, with 21 ninjas in attendance.

8. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings had an exciting week with a total of 5 events. They began their week with a divisional battle in which they saw sizes of 32 troops. The Water Vikings then held a UK training event where they saw a max of 19 troops, and an AUSIA training where they had 13 penguins in attendance. Their next event was a Christmas ball which was also a battle. At this event, they were able to max 19 troops. Their final event of the week was a practice battle against the Templars, in which they saw a total of 24 troops.

9. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire kicked off their week with a Holiday Igloo Competition, maxing 16. Later, they held a fun Polar Express themed event, which had 17 troops in attendance. A fun AUSIA dance competition saw a max of 10, while a Compliment Practice Battle with the Golden troops saw a max of 16 troops. A Christmas battle with multiple armies saw a peak of 14 troops. To finish off the week, they held a Card Jitsu tournament with 14 ninjas battling for the victory.

10. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation tossed through 4 events this week. Beginning with a battle in the war versus SWAT, they maxed 26 troops. Then the Federation maxed 21 troops during another battle with SWAT. Afterward, they hosted a fun Christmas themed party maxing 16 troops. For their final event this week, Pizza Federation participated in an annual Christmas ball and practice battle with their fellow allies, maxing 7 troops.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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