Flame Burns Out as Tsanami Leaves Crimson Guardians Leadership

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Empire – After leading the Crimson Guardians since their creation, leader and creator Tsanami announced her retirement from leadership. What led to this sudden decision?

Tsanami first joined the community in June of 2019 by joining the Royal Family where she remained until later joining the Help Force. Eventually, she joined the Cloud Kingdom in August of 2019. After a few short months, the decision was made to rebrand the Cloud Kingdom into what is today known as the Crimson Guardians.

The Guardians had an event to bid farewell to their beloved leader and creator, Tsanami, on December 26th, 2020. At this event, the guardians achieved a max as high as 20, and both Tsanami and Beni, the latter deemed as her successor, led tactics paying respect to her retirement.

Crimson Guardians event for Tsanami’s Retirement, maxing as high as 20.

Though the Guardians saw a decline in activity and events, perhaps this was the motivation for Tsanami to bid farewell to the army that she helped create. However, things are turning in the right direction for the Crimson Guardians as they began to see a gradual increase in both maxes, as well as on the weekly Top Ten.

To understand more about her true motives behind retirement, the CP Army Hub had the privilege of sitting down with Tsanami and gathering her thoughts about her retirement.

What ultimately made you decide to retire from Crimson Guardians leadership?

I decided to retire from CG because I’ve been leading for over a year now and I wanted to put more of a focus on some irl things instead. I’ll be stepping into an advisory position instead in CG so I can continue to help out occasionally while still being able to prioritize my classes and irl more for the moment.

How does the future of Crimson Guardians fare following your departure?

Crimson Guardians will continue to remain open for the foreseeable future. Landless and Beni will be taking over as leaders and both are capable individuals. Landless has already been leading CG for some time now and has been staff since the early days of the army, while Beni is a former CG leader and legend who also has experience with the army.

What has been your favorite memory whilst leading the Crimson Guardians?

I would say my favorite memory while leading Crimson Guardians was our battle against the Midnight Troops in October.

What are your future plans for yourself in this community?

No I’m dead so I have no future plans.

Though Tsanami stepped down from the Crimson Guardians’ leadership, she believes the army will thrive in her absence and can have a great future ahead of them. With their spike of inactivity slowly replaced by a greater effort, only time will tell how their future pans out.

What do YOU think? How will Tsanami’s retirement impact the Crimson Guardians? Will their flame burn bright once again? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. Took her long enough 😑


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