Flash Nemesis War: Army of Club Penguin Declares on SWAT

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin’s Empire – In a shocking turn of events, the Army of Club Penguin announced their latest “clover crusade” against the Special Weapons and Tactics. What led to this declaration of war?

On December 26th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin published a post titled “The Flash Nemesis War,” officially declaring war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Army of Club Penguin, historically known for a rivalry against SWAT, originally maintained a neutral relationship and had several practice battles against them in their recent generation, marking the end to their previous hatred. However, their recent declaration shocked all. It condemned SWAT for several activities, such as multilogging accusations against the clover defenders, messages indicating violence, asking Army of CP troops to either join or help SWAT, and other reasons.

An excerpt of the post showing an image of creator Ganger90 and other SWAT troops rehearsing a tactic about the clover defenders

After the Eagre Foray’s conclusion at the hands of a force-treaty, the treaty prevented the Special Weapons and Tactics from aggressing against the Water Vikings‘ allies, one being the Army of Club Penguin. Several screenshots demonstrate SWAT creator Ganger90‘s desire to monger war against the clovers, often mocking them for hiding behind the treaty. Aside from itching for war, other proofs have shown both troops and staff insulting the clovers using euphemisms and insults involving violence.

In a public chat, Special Weapons and Tactics creator Ganger90 shows his desire to enter the war, which the Army of Club Penguin addresses.

As the war declaration emerged suddenly, CP Army Hub was fortunate to reach out to both Mchappy, an active Panel of Guardians member over the Army of Club Penguin, as well as Aubz, leader of the Special Weapons and Tactics, for statements regarding the war:

Mchappy gave the following response:

Yes, the Army of Club Penguin has decided to answer SWAT’s call and give them the war they so desire. This will be the final war of the Flash era for both our armies and it will be refreshing to be against such long standing rivals. I’m looking forward to good battles and potentially adding to the clover empire. We have a lot of hype on our side of the barracks. Good luck out there! ACP forever winning since 2006.”

Aubz then provided this statement:

Bro I was just trying to do hoodrat shit with my friends :waaaaaaaaaaaa:

The end of Flash is fast approaching, so the outcome of this war will certainly be interesting. Though the evidence provided in the Army of CP’s post seemed criminalizing, Mchappy sees it as a refresher of the army’s historical rivalry. On the other hand, Aubz’s statement likely defends the army’s innocence, but the meaning is unclear.

However, what is clear is the last war before Flash ends between both armies hold great anticipation. CP Army Hub plans on covering the entirety of the war, beginning with the first scheduled invasion on December 27th for SWAT’s server Cozy.

What do YOU think? Was it right for the Army of Club Penguin to declare war? Do you sympathize with the Special Weapons and Tactics? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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