Legends 2020 Press Conference

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the year of 2020 comes to a close, new legends were recently inducted by the legend committee. What are their thoughts on their induction?

On December 26th, the S/M Legend Inductions and the Legend Inductions of 2020 were announced. Six individuals, consisting of Ayan, Crazzy, CSY, Regan, Freedomist, and Lightningmcj, were inducted as legends this day due to their extreme hard work and effort displayed within their armies. While Ayan has received the title of CP Army Legend due to creating the Help Force and founding CP Army Media, Crazzy, CSY, and Regan have proven to be strong leaders of their respective armies and have brought them to victory throughout many battles. On the other hand, Freedomist and Lightningmcj have also made their respective S/M armies powerful forces to be reckoned with.

With the new legends inducted, this leaves the following question: what are the new legends’ thoughts regarding their induction? To find out more, CP Army Hub staff reached out to these six prominent figures for an interview regarding their new status.

What was your initial reaction when you achieved the legend status?

Ayan: Great would be an understatement. I definitely didn’t think that I would get community votes, or even a 15-0 bar. But hey, it’s Christmas time, maybe this was my gift after all!

Crazzy: I was a bit surprised, but also satisfied with the ruling. It’s been a long year and it is relieving seeing hard work pay off!

CSY: To be honest, I didn’t expect it at all. To me, it was just seeing how long I could do this for and what I could take ACP and do with the army

Regan: I was more proud than anything. Very happy because it shows how long I’ve come since I joined the IW server last december.

Freedomist: Well I was ecstatic and shocked to say the least. I hadn’t expected for legends to be announced when they were, let alone be inducted. Seeing my name on the legends list was no doubt one of the best feelings this year.

Lightningmcj: I was really excited! I’ve only been in this community for 7 months so for the panel of all these prestigious CPA people to deem me worthy of this honor is really awesome and I’m very appreciative.

What does being inducted as a legend mean to you?

Ayan: Being placed with some of those hefty names on that page definitely means a lot to me. I’ve loved this community since the day I set foot. I’m thankful for everyone who supported me, and had my back whenever needed.

Crazzy: It means that I’ve been recognized for my achievements at the highest level, and I’m very grateful for the numerous opportunities I’ve faced in order to get here.

CSY: Hmm, I guess it’s a title of honor as a sort of community recognition that you’ve done something that impacted the army community in some way over the last year. What I know it’s not though, is the end goal for me. There’s much more to still do in ACP, to make the community better and more special.

Regan: It’s a great achievement for not just me but all the Ice Warriors. It’s a good representation of all we’ve done in our first year back on the army scene!

Freedomist: Well it means a lot. More specifically it means people have noticed the effort I put in and I couldn’t ask for much more than that, it’s an honour to be on the same list as some of these big names throughout CPA history.

Lightningmcj: Well it’s pretty much a validation that the work I’ve been doing has been fruitful but more than that it’s a status that says I’m one of the greatest to ever do it, and that means a lot to me. I put a lot of work into this and to see it be rewarded is really cool

Who do you want to thank for helping you on your journey to a legend status?

Ayan: I think this one’s gonna be a cliché response, but i’d definitely like to thank my mom, dad, and my lovely family of Helping Friends who never dropped a chance to bully me. I would like to thank Zamb (he def didn’t tell me to do this), and Elpiojo123 because #ElpyanForever.

Crazzy: I’d like to thank – Cosmo my co leader through it all, Silverburg my unofficial mentor, Cheese, Perry and Pop for being dope advisors throughout my time as RC, Ulti for taking me under his wing as a Third/Second in Command while teaching me a lot about the army scene, Pookie and Koloway for also teaching me a lot about the army community, of course my BIA leaders and advisors who’ve been with me since late June plotting wars, invasions, and just messing around together, but most importantly I’d like to thank everyone within RPF for inspiring me to do better each day as a leader.

CSY: I think something that I have realized is that far more than anything, the legend status isn’t one I earned by myself. As an AUSIA commander of an international army, I am asleep when a big part of the community is awake – the higher command of the Army of Club Penguin and the staff really do play a huge role in making sure everything runs smoothly. So honestly, it’s these unsung heroes I have to thank for giving me this opportunity.

Regan: My fellow leaders who have been amazing throughout the year and I could not have done this without. And every single Ice Warrior out there who has remained loyal to Sub Zero.

Freedomist: First off it would have to be Xing. After all, he recruited me back into armies and had enough faith in me to make me a Templars leader. I’d also have to thank everyone who led Templars with me for their support during my time there. I’d also like to thank Iceyfeet and all the IW leaders for accepting me into the army, other wise I would not have had the opportunity to lead Water Ninjas. Finally, I’d like to thank Orange for accepting me into WN along with the WN leaders for everything we’ve achieved. It’s truly been an amazing journey and I’d like to thank everyone else who helped me along the way even if they weren’t mentioned here.

Lightningmcj: Well I have so many people to thank. Of course I’d like to thank the PZF staff, both past and present, for assisting me as we grew the army into an S/M superpower (no one accomplishes anything alone, and I sure didn’t). Also I have thanks for ACP because they provided a second home for me and being in ACP helped me make a lot of connections. Most of all I’d have to thank PZF as a whole for being such a rewarding army to lead. Some people have specific army mentors to thank, and while I didn’t really have anyone like that, I would like to thank Snork for being my best friend in CPA and guiding me early in my career.

If you could send one message to everyone in the community right now, what would it be?

Ayan: Truth Prevails.

Crazzy: Continue to strive for greatness, don’t let minor setbacks distract you from reaching your goal. I faced a lot of backlash time after time simply for being a girl in a large army community, and as much as it bothered me I chose to look past the ignorance and continue moving forward. Most days won’t be smooth sailing and there will be conflicts you have to face as a leader, where it comes down to your decision whether or not your army pursues a situation. It’s stressful at times but as long as your thought process is concise and clear, you will end up successful. All in all, just keep your head up, focus on your army, and don’t entertain petty business.

CSY: Everyone is a legend in their own right – even if you’re not recognized by the community, whether you’ve shown a recruit around CPA, or battled hard for a trophy, you guys are too making a mark in history (albeit, of Club Penguin :rofl: )

Regan: Cherish all the non army moments you would have with the people you met here. The laughs I share with my friends on VC are far more important than any battle I’ve been apart. Tiocfaidh ár lá

Freedomist: Keep on trying your hardest, nothing is preventing you from becoming a legend. Let’s make 2021 a better year :salute:

Lightningmcj: Well I think something everyone should know is not to take CPA too seriously. If you aren’t enjoying yourself here or you find yourself investing too much, you should maybe consider taking a step back. That being said, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy it and if you have passion and drive in this community, you should go far. You should never believe that you can’t accomplish something just because you’re ranked low or don’t know enough; I think my story more than anyone’s shows that you don’t need years of experience to succeed in CPA.

Once again, congratulations to Ayan, Crazzy, CSY, Regan, Freedomist, and Lightningmcj for becoming newly inducted legends of 2020. There is no doubt that all six exceptional figures have worked hard to earn the title they have today. It certainly seems that hard work pays off, and thank you to everyone involved for this extremely memorable event to end the year of 2020!

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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