Top Ten Posts of 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – An outstanding year for the community’s media sees a hotly contested Top Ten Posts of 2020.


The media has played a huge role this year across the various organisations that have existed, be that CPA, CPOAL, CPAM, CPAL, or the CP Army Hub. Since its creation, the Army Hub has had a fantastic reporting team that works extremely hard to cover all the community’s happenings on a strict deadline. This is no easy achievement, as we all know how much occurs in this crazy community on a daily basis. To assemble this list and honor some of the best work from the past year, the administration recently came together to determine the Top Ten Posts of 2020.

The criteria for this included post content and quality, website views, as well as the community impact of the post itself – as opposed to the impact of the event the post was written about. Narrowly missing the Top Ten was Kingfunks4’s ‘Top 50 Armies of All Time‘ – a series in the Summer that rated extremely well, and former Editor-in-Chief Sarahah’s ‘We’ve Taken Trash-Talking Tactics Too Far‘ Editorial, which explored a growing problem witnessed by many in the community. We also considered more light-hearted articles, such as Vice President Sophie’s fun-filled ‘The Pets of Club Penguin Armies‘, as well as the hard hitting topics of ‘Why We Killed Club Penguin‘ by former Executive Producer Zamb and current Executive Producer Max’s exploration of the LGBT+ community in: ‘gAyCP: Five Years Later‘.

So, without further ado, the Army Hub administration are proud to reveal our Top Ten Posts for 2020, ordered 10-1, and with words from LuciferStar, Sophie, Orange, Kingfunks4, and myself.

10. Club Penguin Army Census 2020 Results by Cassie

The tradition of a census began in 2011 with CP Army Central. With huge success in its first run, another one commenced three years later, in 2014. Although no one could have foreseen the shutdown of Club Penguin in 2017, this year, we saw the return of this tradition under a new golden age for armies.

Through a Google form which explored the current make up of our army community–whether that be army affiliations, time spent in the community, age, race, or sexuality–we saw impressive strides since the last recorded census. Most notably, we saw an increase in diversity. Although armies remain predominately male, females now stand for almost half of the community, a far improvement from the 10% noted in 2014. Similarly, more than half of the community are now people of color, albeit spread across many races. Although not yet predominant, more and more bisexuals and homosexuals have emerged from their closets, a heartwarming indication of the growing acceptance in our community.

With record-breaking 438 responses, the 2020 Club Penguin Army Census has a significance that cannot be denied. Although we remain virtual players of a virtual game, the census allowed us to connect with fellow players and realize our shared similarities. More importantly, it’s a consistent reminder of the impact and influence of armies, even as we continue to evolve and change. Ultimately, this post is right. We’re “a rag-tag corner of the Internet worth fighting for, not over.”

— Sophie, CP Army Hub VP

9. Universal Top Twenty [4/19/20-4/26/20] by Atticus (with LuciferStar)

Wars come and go, tournaments come and go, but what has been consistent for armies throughout, has been the Top Ten. While the Top Ten started out as a mere opinion piece that would come out every one or two weeks, and over the years, armies were adjudged on multiple criterion ranging from site graphics to performances in the most recent tournament, or even an army’s track record. Multiple experiments lead to different organisations working on different formulas, and what we have now is an end result of multiple experiments.

So if a Top Ten is so constant, then why is it that this particular Top Ten made it to the Top Ten posts of the year? Significance. The simple answer to that question would be significance. When Club Penguin Online Army League released the first ever Universal Top Twenty, it meant so much more than just another Top Ten statistic, it showed a sense of unity.

It became the first spark that lit the flames of unity. When Atticus first formulated the Top Twenty, it was only set out to be an experiment, and we saw the Dark Warriors claim the first ever spot in the Universal Top Twenty. The post not only extended a possible vision of a united community, rather it also showed multiple CPAM/CPOAL specific players how there existed armies outside of their respective Leagues, and it also helped compare statistics between the different armies. The article in itself garnered an immense amount of views as this article related to both sides of the divided community, and it was an immensely ground breaking post at its time. The CPOAL Universal Top Twenty continues to serve as the basis of the current Top Twenty, furthering its significance.

— LuciferStar, CP Army Hub CEO

8. CPA:TG Closing Statement; My View on the Future of Club Penguin Armies by Superhero123

There is no denying that the ‘CP Armies: The Game‘ platform, created and managed by army legend Superhero123, was the most significant factor in uniting the community this year. The platform allowed the Club Penguin Online armies to host events following the abrupt closure of CP Online, and saw the community come together for the first time since 2017. The platform paved the way for the united Legends Cup X tournament and creation of CP Army Hub.

Amidst the Legends Cup X tournament, the sad news that CPA:TG had been delivered a DMCA takedown notice from Disney Inc. was announced. This was a huge blow to the community, particularly those from the CPO armies, who would yet again be losing their main event platform. This sparked a dramatic few weeks in which the Legends Cup X was quickly finished, and a huge closing event for the much-loved platform and its creator was held. The post awarded this eighth position saw Superhero discuss the shut down of his beloved game and his presence in the army community moving forward. His emotional article also addressed the claim that certain community members had lobbied for the takedown notice to be issued.

By the time it closed, the game had accumulated a whopping 12,430 registered users – a fantastic achievement for an “aspiring indie game developer”, as Superhero labelled himself. Not only was the post fantastically written by Superhero123, but it is currently the most viewed of all time. This, of course, has nothing to do with Superhero re-routing the former CPA:TG domain to his masterpiece! It’s a testament to his impact on the community, his talents as a game developer, and selflessness as a person – one of the greatest among us.

— Max, CP Army Hub EP

7. The Unification by LuciferStar (with Emcee, 32op and Pookie437)

The post began with the quote: “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”. This could not be more true of our community, and If there was one true highlight for 2020, it would be the unification of the CPR side of CP Armies (fronted by CP Army Media) and the former CPO side of CP Armies (fronted by CP Army League). There had been a push for the two to join forces for months prior, which began to take some shape with the Universal Top 20 seen above. With the closure of CP Online and retirement of Epic, representatives from the two leagues were able to come to together to cement the idea of unification and agreed to form CP Army Hub – a new league that would encompass the whole community. The announcement of this merge would be made in this post, written by LuciferStar and supported by Emcee, 32op and Pookie437.

While the true success of CP Army Hub is debated, and will continued to be judged in the new year, there is no doubt that unification was one of the most important moments in the new era of CP Armies. This event shaped the rest of the year – without unification we may never have seen the Black Ice Alliance, a unified Legends Cup X or the many other wars that took place. Unification made this all possible, and it started with this agreement and announcement.

The post will not go down in history as the most incredible piece of literature, but it made it fantastically clear what had happened in the events leading up to this announcement, while also outlining the vision and aim for CP Army Hub going into the future. With the concerns of the recent DMCAs, which would also be the downfall of CPA:TG, LuciferStar highlighted the importance of sticking together, and now of all times was the worst to be divided. The significance of this event highlighted above is why this particular post has placed within the top ten posts of the year.

— Kingfunks4, CP Army Hub Advisor

6. The Never Ending Multi-logging Saga by Ayan

Multilogging, the ultimate crime in the Club Penguin army community. Over the years we have witnessed an array of scandals involving army members, staff and leaders logging on multiple penguin accounts to cheat their way to a higher event size, and Top Ten score. While so much about the our army society has developed and progressed from the ‘original’ army community prior to 2017, it would appear multilogging is still rife. Yet the current landscape of the community has also meant it has never been easier to discover those performing such illicit actions.

Across the twelve months of 2020, the various organisations have released a total of 12 multilogging special reports. Many of these occurred in the early Summer months, where the Skaters, Os Mascarados, People’s Imperial Confederation and Pirates were all exposed for multilogging in the space of several weeks. The shock of this was beautifully addressed in a CP Army Media special report by at-the-time Chief Executive Officer Ayan. The mammoth of a report first explored what multilogging is, and the motives behind it. It then moved on to discuss and dissect some of the biggest ‘original’ community scandals, such as the well-documented Army of Club Penguin generation that was helmed by Sercan and Jerry. From here, the 2020 multilogging scandals were analysed and Ayan offered some (almost comedic) commentary on the different events. “Joke. This community.” he exclaimed, summing up the thoughts of many. Ironically, Water Vikings leader Buddy featured in a special report just two days after, only supporting the message of Ayan’s report.

Not only did this editorial rate extremely well on the CP Army Media website, it sparked a community-wide debate. The report was much like Ayan’s reign as Chief Executive Officer: a breath of fresh air. He concluded with a moving statement that I think many could do well to hear once again this year: “Multi-logging is a virus to the army community, and we have to fight it together. If someone tells you to do it, speak out. Fight for justice, and you won’t need to seek glory.”

— Max, CP Army Hub EP

5. The Reason Why the Army Community is Divided by Epic101

Before the community finally unified, tensions were picking up between the two individual communities. This division started back in August 2018 and continued on for years, however with the COVID-19 boom bringing in many familiar faces back to the league, unification talks began to pick up. However, these talks never succeeded, and instead often led both sides being more divided than they were before the meeting.

After a particular unification meeting in spiral-ed downhill in April 2020, notorious CPOAL board member Epic101 decided to write out his outlook in this infamous editorial. This article described the history of the divide, Epic using very strong, biased language in an attempt to discredit any sort of creditability the CP Rewritten armies had. This post used a variety of screenshots where Epic attempted to paint the CPR armies in a negative light. Importantly, however, Epic never addressed any of the complaints that the CPR armies had versus his league in this post.

The immediate aftermath of this post was everybody from both communities were discussing the contents of this post. On one hand, the CPO people saw this as a victory for their league, stating how everything Epic said was correct. On the other hand, the people on the CPR side expressed how poorly written and biased this post was, voicing how it missed out many crucial details and used it as a reason for why they did not want to comply with unification. Though unity was eventually accomplished, this post drove the divide even further, making it seem like there was no unification in sight.

— Orange, CP Army Hub VP

4. Is This The Golden Age of CP Armies? by Kingfunks4

Narrowly missing out on a top three spot is a well researched editorial by key figure Kingfunks4, who offered readers an in-depth insight into what many at the time were labelling ‘The Golden Age of CP Armies‘.  Such labels are often thrown around and without much substance to back them up, but as proved by Kingfunks4, this was not the case in this instance.

His article was split into sections, the first addressing ‘Strong Community Spirit’ as a key factor in the successes of the community, where he notes a dramatic reduction of toxicity levels from the ‘original’ community days that he once helmed. He then explored the vast sizes seen in 2020 and compared them to previous years – one being that a June 2014 Top Ten was topped by the Army of CP and a maximum size of 25. In our modern age, a peak of 25 would sit comfortably in the second half of the weekly Top Ten Armies. Point proven. Most interestingly, he offers his perspective on the new-age league format that was a mere dream of his in the years before the original shut down. Our development as a community, which now sees us operate under leagues, has enabled us to become more organised and fair and thus thrive.

Kingfunks4’s eloquent and powerful words only support my belief that he is one of the most talented writers our community has ever seen. We are lucky to have him and I eagerly await his next “college level essay on CP armies“, as described by Kailey in the comment section of his editorial. “That’s how I roll I’m afraid“, was his response.

— Max, CP Army Hub EP

3. Special Report: Pirates Disqualified From Legends Cup X For Mass Multi-logging by Max

There are so many special reports that we could have picked to be included in this list, most of which were written by Max, but it was this one that stood out as the most significant special report in 2020. The Pirates came into the Legends Cup as one of the main contenders, and were expected to comfortably pass the first few rounds of what was the biggest tournament of the year. The Pirates were arguably the largest army from the CPO side of the community, and under what would be Epic’s last leadership they seeked to make a lasting impact.

However, it would ultimately lead to disappointment and embarrassment for Pirates, as they were embroiled in the most controversial multilogging scandal of the year. Initially, it had seemed that they had cruised passed the considerably smaller Crimson Guardians in round two, with impressive sizes. After the battle suspicions were raised about some of the people attending and Superhero, creator and developer for CPA:TG (the host CPPS for the tournament), was asked to run a multi-logging check. He would check the IPs of those attending the battle, and found that 9 people, including leader Twaseen and several 2ics, multilogged at least 16 penguins in their first round battle and 13 in their second round battle against Crimson Guardians. As a result, the Pirates were replaced by the Water Vikings in the Quarter-Finals of the tournament.

With support from Superhero’s research, Max produced a really clear and well written special report that uncovered the actions of the Pirates. He has had many opportunities this year to fine tune his special reports, including multilogging reports on armies such as the Doritos and Special Weapons and Tactics, and has showed that nobody can escape from this particular Executive Producer. The post was placed in the top three for the significance of the event, the impact that the post had and the professional manor in which it was written.

— Kingfunks4, CP Army Hub Advisor

2. Is It Really Just A Game? by LuciferStar

LuciferStar’s “Is it really just a game?” editorial takes a deep dive into the modern army community’s fascinating societal nature. So often we are told that this is just a game, a mere form of entertainment to pass the hours. But when it comes down to it, is this statement exactly true?

Examining the current climate of armies, we can observe so much of the real world that has transferred over into the small bubble that is Club Penguin. Although the game essentially remains just that–a game–we have created for ourselves armies, a league, rules, scandals, relationships, and the practical display of real life skills like negotiation and time management. When we look at it that way, is this still a game?

Bit by bit, we have integrated our own form of politics into this community. The relationships and bonds we develop, the seriousness with which we face issues in this community, and the increasingly acceptance towards different races and LGBTQ+ players only supports the idea that this is more than just Club Penguin. This editorial ultimately resonated with a plethora of people and received a total of 72 votes to receive the Report of the Summer award.

— Sophie, CP Army Hub VP

1. Recon Federation: An Inside View Of The Hidden Regime by Jack283

Our post of the year is quite a unique editorial, and remarkably was written by a guest author in the shape of Jack283. I have worked with Jack many times and it is fair to say that he does not beat around the bush when it comes to big and controversial issues. He successfully promoted and spotlighted his inside research into the Recon Federation this year and managed to get his post onto CP Army Media, where it gained serious traction.

While we were aware of the issues within the Recon Federation and with their leader, Prior Bumble, this was one of the first posts of this kind to delve into the very heart of the army. The post provided first hand evidence of illicit conversations initiated by their leader, and highlighted the reasons for why no action has already taken place. Within this post, there are accounts and evidence of sexual misconduct and allegations of a ‘cult-like’ movement. Numerous higher command would eventually leave the army and attest to the claims made in this post, but throughout Prior Bumble and the Recon Federation would deny the allegations. This post is arguably the reason for why the Recon Federation received their latest, and to date final, ban from CP Army Hub. Ever since, the Recon Federation tumbled in both relevance, legitimacy and also to a certain extent their actual performances and size.

Aside from the importance and unique nature of this post, it was actually remarkably well written. The structure of the post is easy to read, and covers content in both depth and breadth. Considering that Jack has almost never been within a media organisation, and has almost purely stuck to leadership, it was written with true professionalism and showed a real ability to be able to write quality editorials. For these reasons, this post on the Recon Federation was named as the post of the year for 2020.

— Kingfunks4, CP Army Hub Advisor

And that concludes our Top Ten Posts of 2020. We are so lucky to have an amazing group of people that understand the media’s true power in this community: shining a light on the important issues that really mean something. I have no doubt that 2021 will prove to be an equally exciting year that will keep the reporting team hard at work (and stressed). From everyone here at the Army Hub, I wish you love and a Happy New Year.


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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