Zoomey Returns to Water Vikings Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Vikings Capital – As we approach a flash-less club penguin community, the Water Vikings have decided to bring back a former leader to their leadership. What prompted this decision?

Recently, the Water Vikings said goodbye to their former leader Change. Now, after a couple months of retirement, Zoomey has returned to the Water Vikings leadership. 

Zoomey first began his army journey back in March of 2015 when he joined the Army of Club Penguin (ACP). His time in ACP began as a private but ended up with him becoming third in command. However, Zoomey then moved to the Golds Army in 2016. Though his time in Golds was relatively short-lived, he managed to rank up to leader-in-training before he joined the Water Vikings that same year. After ranking up to second in command, the Water Vikings had then shut down.

Zoomey rejoined armies this year when the Water Vikings had reopened. He was then promoted to leader in June of 2020 and then retired a couple months later in September. Most recently, a current Water Vikings leader reached out to Zoomey about rejoining the leadership.

Water Vikings’ recent announcement which welcomed Zoomey back, click to enlarge

In attempts to learn more about Zoomey and his decision to return to the Water Vikings leadership, CP Army Hub reached out to him for an interview.

What prompted you to return to the Water Vikings leadership?

I decided to make a return after Potassium approached me and ask me about it. At first I was hesitant as last time my leadership ended I kind of fell out of love with armies. I than thought about my last time leaving WV and how it was a bit of a rocky road, no fault but my own. From then I decided, “ok fine, let’s go for it”. Before you know it, here I am leading the legendary army for a second time.

Coming back to the Vikings’ leadership, what will you differently?

Well, after my departure from my last leadership ended a bit, shall we say, dodgy, I plan to hopefully redeem myself in the eyes of people such as Funks and Change, amazing people who I had the curtsy to lead with. I have a fresh attitude and a lot of new unique ideas I think will benefit the army. I will also learn to adjust into the new way the army works. With me being gone for quite a while, there was bound to be a couple of changes, especially since there is new leadership. I’m obviously not here to take over and knock my fellow leaders down, I’m here to adjust to their way of work as well as give them new ideas to the great ideas they already have.

Could you give us some insight on what new ideas or changes you might be implementing?

Well, without giving too much detail, I’ve already been talking to fellow leaders about new ideas about the way things can run in the army. They already have some amazing ideas and I have given ideas too which are being discussed. Let’s just say these ideas are unique, fun and will benefit Water Vikings greatly.

How do you believe the Water Vikings will go about after flash ends? Are there any changes that will come up due to flash ending?

Well, let’s face it. We thought armies would die after Club Penguin shut down but here we are today, standing tall, unstoppable, bigger than we have been for a very long time. This will just be another one of them bumps in the road but Water Vikings have a plan ready for the rough times ahead. Obviously, I can’t explicitly say what them plans are but I can promise we will keep pushing through and continuing to grow and flourish in this new generation of armies.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dublin is 6 in a row, in your face Regan!

This insightful interview holds a lot of promise for the future of the Water Vikings. Throughout the time of the new Water Vikings generation, they have seen great heights and there is no doubt that with the recent addition to their leadership, they will be stronger than ever.

What do YOU think? Will Zoomey’s return to leadership help the Water Vikings become better than ever? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments below!




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