Beni Fires Up Crimson Guardians Leadership

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Empire – Shortly following the retirement of their creator, Tsanami, the Crimson Guardians see an old figure reemerge from the flames into their leadership. Beni, one of the co-creators of Crimson Guardians, finally returns to her position as leader. What does this mean for Crimson Guardians?

Beni started her journey in armies by joining the Help Force in June 2019. She worked her way up the ranks and received General (Fourth in Command) in September 2019. Shortly after this, she retired from Help Force due to school. After taking a short break, Beni was asked by Tsanami to help rebrand her server, the Cloud Kingdom, into the Crimson Guardians army. While being credited with co-creation of the army, Beni said that “Tsanami is nice enough to give me a lot of credit with creating CG, but I really only did surface level things like help choose the name and uniforms. I wasn’t truly a leader until after the army had been established and I was properly leading events”.

Crimson Guardians began their journey on CP Online in August of 2019. After many allegations against CPO in March 2020, CG shifted to CP Rewritten in April 2020. Following this shift however, Beni’s activity fell due to school and wasn’t able to help out as much or put in the effort necessary for the army to flourish after the shift of CPPS’. She retired from leadership in May 2020, but remained on as an advisor in the army. However after the retirement of Tsanami, Beni decided to rejoin CG leadership and assist Landless in recovering from this significant event. 

Tsanami announces Beni’s return to leadership, click to enlarge


To gain further insight into Beni’s return, the CPAH Reporting team reached out to her for an interview.

What made you want to return to Crimson Guardians Leadership?

Honestly, I’m doing it for Tsanami and Landless. Those two are pretty good homies of mine and I know that having an original creator leave the army is a rough transition, so I thought I’d lend a helping hand

What do you hope to achieve while leading in CG?

I really want to bring our max up as well as give Landless any other leadership knowledge she hasn’t received from Tsanami.

What do you plan for CG following the death of flash?

Honestly, I don’t think leadership is very certain. I think the plan is to use CPR for the time being for our fun events and see where the wind takes us.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I want to extend nothing but my love to Tsanami, since one of my favorite tactics is Tsani Tsuperior and she really is one of my best friends in the whole world. I also am sending love and ‘GBO’ energy to Landless (she’ll get it dw) and I want to let her know how proud I am of her. I remember when we first promoted her to a mod in training and now look at her, 1ic!! Also, thanks for the interview Fly 😉 You’re one of the homies too.

Beni is intent on assisting Crimson Guardians and helping them recover after the retirement of Tsanami. Will she be able to help significantly considering the loss of flash?

What do YOU think? Will Beni be able to keep Crimson Guardians afloat or will they end up shutting down due to the death of flash? Comment and let us know!

CPAH Reporter Trainee

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