Flash Nemesis War: Day One Ends in Clover Victory

COZY, Battleground – Yesterday, the Army of Club Penguin and SWAT held their first of many battles in the Flash Nemesis War. What was the result of this exciting battle for Cozy?

On December 27th, the Army of Club Penguin and Special Weapons and Tactics logged on for a vicious battle for the server of Cozy. Both armies fought fiercely throughout the battle, using a variety of different tactics and formations. The Clovers peaked at 66 troops, while SWAT showed a max of 30.


The Clover Defenders were able to enter the Iceberg first, completely drowning out SWAT’s bomb. The Army of Club Penguin formed an underlined V, which quickly covered SWAT’s T formation. Although the Special Weapons and Tactics put up a good defense, they were unable to overcome the Clover Defenders’ size, speed, and clarity, which ultimately lead to the Clover’s win in room one.

The Army of Club Penguin vs. SWAT in room one: Iceberg

[Inside Mine]

In the second room, the Army of Club Penguin was again able to enter the room first and cover SWAT’s bomb. The size difference was over 40 penguins in favor of the clovers. SWAT entered a plus while the Clover Defenders formed a double V. Even with the messy V formation, the Clovers were able to cover the Special Weapons and Tactics entirely. Furthermore, they were much quicker in terms of tactics and getting into formation. Towards the end of the room, SWAT was completely covered, leading the room to be ruled in ACP’s favor.

The Army of Club Penguin vs. SWAT room two: Inside Mine


In the final room, the Clover Defenders entered with an “AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME” bomb which completely drowned out SWAT once again. The Army of Club Penguin formed an infinity formation while SWAT made a diagonal line which was completely covered by their opponent. Due to the massive size difference of 40+ clover defenders, their speedy tactics, and better forms, the Army of Club Penguin won the last room.

ACP vs. SWAT in room three: Stadium

After this riveting battle for Cozy, the judges released their verdict. The Clovers were able to triumphantly win Cozy with a 3-0-0 win. Congratulations to the Army of Club Penguin!

The judges’ verdict. click to enlarge.

After their 3-0-0 sweep, the Army of Club Penguin announced their invasion of Hockey on December 28th at 9 AM EST. Will SWAT be able to defend their land? What’s next in the Flash Nemesis War?

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of the Clovers invasion of Hockey? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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