CP Army Hub Person of the Year 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the year draws to a close, the CP Army Hub administration are proud to announce the Person of the Year 2020.


The title of “Person of the Year” is one of the greatest honors in Club Penguin warfare. Past winners include some of the biggest names in this community’s history, such as Waterkid100, Mustapha10 and Flipmoo, to name but a few. While previous years have seen a Top Ten ranking of names, the CP Army Hub administration decided, that for 2020, this was near-impossible if we truly wanted to reflect the successes of the year that has repeatedly been labelled ‘The Golden Age’ of our community. Therefore, the administration have narrowed down the many names to just five: four very worthy runner-ups and our winner.

Before we meet our fantastic five, I believe it is important to clear up some misconceptions surrounding the Person of the Year title. It is not a measure of how much positive impact an individual has had, nor who has worked the hardest. It is far removed from a “Best Leader” or “Most Achieved” award, and is its own separate category which measures the community-wide impact of a single person, good or bad. On that note, I am extremely proud to give you the Person of the Year 2020 and the four unranked runner ups, with words from Iceyfeet1234, Mchappy, Koloway, Zambi and myself. 

The runner ups have been ordered alphabetically. 

32op: Runner-up

The Crooked Chip

2015 saw Mustapha10’s Doritos dominance, and as a result, he emerged as the Person of the Year, “Universal Adversary”. It’s ironic how 32op, who assumed the Main Leader of the Doritos, follows in pursuit as the community’s antagonist. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with 32: under his benevolent rule as a higher command, a foe clashing ideals, a partner-in-crime, and several more. Despite his extensive involvement throughout the year, the Doritos were condemned rather than idolized. 32op went from the community’s most powerful figure to another mere mortal, though his influence outlives his reputation.

Joining the community in November of 2019, 32op intended on returning for a short time to help Mustapha rebuild the Doritos. Reigning supreme on Club Penguin Online, they grew both in dominance and rivalries. A battlefield yet to be torn called forth veterans, such as Freezie66 and Andrew24, spearheading their respective armies. The Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Pirates, three world powers, had a common enemy: the Doritos. The onslaught from all corners of the community continued, yet the Doritos held their own into the new year. Following the departure of both Andrew and Freezie from the league, 32op alongside Mehakk assumed Head of Board.

His power carried over to the Club Penguin Army League. Without the influence of Epic101, both 32op and the opposing side of the community used the opportunity to begin talks for a new future. We worked nights away, created tighter bonds, and established the league today: the CP Army Hub. We all stood and served for our creation, except him. As I see it, the first half of the year was the peak of his career, and the second was the peak of his influence.

They say the CP Army Hub, CP Armies: The Game and the tournaments unified the community. Contrary to popular opinion, I believed what unified the community was mutual hate towards 32 and the Doritos. The Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors kept their hatred of the chips but brought another major power to the party: the Rebel Penguin Federation. This mutual hatred remains today in the form of the Black Ice Alliance, initially to combat the Doritos but now stands as the community’s dominant bloc. 32 lost his anticipated position as the Chief Executive Officer but had the Doritos. Once his army fell to rubble against the alliance, he retired and left the army to manage themselves, only for the Doritos to hit the S/M Top Ten. Returning to save the empire he built, the Doritos soared up the Top Ten, only to shut their doors and leave 32 powerless. He opposed the March Madness reboot, and gradually lost trust from the administration. The once prolific leader, now plagued with a lack of power and several exposes, sought one last alternative: reviving the army.

The army’s revival worked in his favor and stands as a regular on the weekly Top Ten. Unfortunately, 32 saw his reputation degraded by a scandal: multilogging. Multilogging, leaked staff chats, a lot of careless actions the founders and I continue to criticize. Though his actions were controversial, 32 was what the community needed. There was no definite antagonist, but he and the Doritos served as the necessary adversary to bring together the community. The Executive Producer of CP Army Media, the Head of Board at the CP Army League, the Doritos Main Leader, not to mention CP Army Legend. Honorifics praise the man, yet he is still held in contempt. No one else can don the title of “The Crooked Chip” as 32 had.

— Zambi, CP Army Hub Founder

CSY: Runner-up

The People’s Commander

When Koloway resigned from his post as Army of CP Commander in Chief and CSY took up the helm, I had no idea what to expect. CSY was no stranger to the army, formerly being recognized as an AUSIA Leader pre-shutdown, but I was not prepared for the tumultuous journey CSY’s leadership would take us all down. He is one of the few leaders to have had an entire year under his name as he continues to lead ACP to new heights. 

2020 started out with a stressful transition period as CSY was handed a leadership and army that was still unsure of itself in a post-Club Penguin community. He played a major role in unifying the community and truly brought new meaning to the iconic phrase “Green Together, Family Forever“. CSY was not handed the leadership solely but soon he found himself as the lone leader of an army with arguably the most legacy. Despite the challenges, CSY immediately stepped up and sent ACP down a path of many victories. 

In terms of the CPR side of the community, CSY was a leading voice in unification talks and sought for the protection of security for the community’s player base. He is one of the most forgiving and compassionate people I know, yet that comes with its challenges, as CSY was faced with undoubtedly the biggest war of 2020: World War Rewritten. With his allies turning against him, CSY rallied together an alliance that was able to rival its opposing forces and eventually he was able to calm the conflict down with the help of leaders on the other side. Coming off World War Rewritten, ACP’s Leader learned to become more personable as he realized the importance of trust in the CPA community.

With the largest conflict armies had seen in years over, CSY led the ACP into record breaking sizes for the CPPS era. Important battles ranging from a defeat at the Legends Cup X by the Ice Warriors, a redemption at the Fight or Fright where ACP beat the Ice Warriors in the Semi-Finals, and even pushing for the creation of an AUSIA tournament hosted by staff in his own army. Before he took over the leadership of the clover army, we were uncertain of our place in this new world. CSY introduced us to heights that we were not sure were imaginable. I think, above all else, the most significant testament to CSY’s character as an army leader and person, is his willingness to put his army and soldiers before himself. I will always be thankful for him and the intense work he was willing to put into ACP in 2020. CSY, one of the only notable AUSIA personalities of this year, deserves his place as a runner up for the Person of the Year 2020.

— Mchappy, Army of CP POG

Pookie437: Runner-up

The Charismatic Chief

The statement ‘You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain’ has never been more fitting for a person in the 2020 army community, than it is for Pookie437. The first chapter of 2020 saw Pookie as a Rebel Penguin Federation second-in-command, where he worked closely with Rebel leader and army legend Ultipenguinj to ensure the army maintained its dominant position within the community. From here, he went on to achieve the role of Executive Producer in CP Army Media, and discovered a flair for the political aspects in the role of running a successful league. 

Following the successful Legends Cup X and a short tenure as a Dorito leader, he played a major role in the unification of the community, and alongside the other founders, helped secure the merge between the Club Penguin Army League and Club Penguin Army Media. Here he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in the fresh and unified organisation: CP Army Hub. Over the past five months he has helped make the organisation the most dominant in the community, and arguably the most successful in the private server era, gaining the admiration of Club Penguin Army Central legend Bluesockwa2.

Known for his winning personality and hilarious sense of humour, there was never a day working under him that I would not find myself crying with laughter. His larger than life character shone bright, and he had a unique ability to make anyone and everyone feel special. No matter what challenge we faced as an organisation, he managed to do his part in negotiating and overcoming it’s political intricacies. I know there are many ego’s in this community that believe they could have done a better job than him, but having watched first-hand what he and co-CEO LuciferStar have dealt with over the past half-year, I would not wish the job on my worst enemy. It is a role that requires strength of character and a passion for positive change. It is a role that only a certain person can fill, and Pookie437 was this person. 

While many believe his successes were tainted by his tragic end, I choose to remember him for the hardworking and passionate leader that he was. A man that cared deeply for the community, and put the needs of the many over the wants of a few. Pookie437, one of the biggest personalities of this dramatic year, deserves his place as a runner up for the Person of the Year 2020.

— Max, CP Army Hub EP

Regan: Runner-up

The Ice Mythic

Regan, Oregan, Oh Regan. If anyone won 2020, it was you. From achieving the rank of Leader in the Ice Warriors, to achieving IW’s highest honor of “Mythic”, to becoming a CP Army Legend, and finally being a part of 2020’s Person of the Year. This year was truly your year, and you should be so proud of the work and dedication you put into the Ice Warriors and the community during your time served.

Regan joined the Ice Warriors in 2010 under my leadership. Throughout his time in the Ice Warriors, he worked his way up the ranks, showing tremendous amounts of hard work and loyalty to the army. In 2020, Regan rejoined the Ice Warriors as part of the High Command, and worked his way up to achieve Ice Warriors Leader. Throughout the year he played an important role in all of the major tournaments that the Ice Warriors were involved in, including March Madness, Legends Cup X, Fright or Fight, and Christmas Chaos X.

During his leadership in the Ice Warriors, Regan helped lead the army to great heights, and played a key role to help bring the army to an entirely new CPPS upon the closure of CPO. Regan was also very involved in the community aspects of armies. He was the Army Representative for the Ice Warriors, one of the key figureheads to represent IW in the creation of the Black Ice Alliance, and a Head Judge in CPAH, helping the league judge multiple major tournaments. Regan was also a very proud representative of the Irish community in CP Armies, and was known to repeatedly chant Irish phrases during several of his events. It’s safe to say Regan had a very fun, fulfilling, and memorable year both in the Ice Warriors and the CP Army Community. With all of these great accomplishments, Regan has landed himself a firm spot on this year’s list for Person of the Year.

Tá do lá tagtha! (Your day has come!)

— Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator

Crazzy: Winner

The Undefeated Rebel

To tell the story of Crazzy is to tell the tale of how quickly legends can be born. Coming off of record sizes and an incredible position in the Legends Cup X bracket, the impossible stories of old school domination became a reality once again. 

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been in no dangerous position since the beginning of 2017. Thanks to the opportunistic views of those running the army at the time, RPF took their community to Discord and began using platforms such as CPR to further their legacy. While they were not alone, their sizes dwarfed all other armies in the community. Though RPF was uninvolved with the greater army community for many years, their presence alone was enough to keep everyone away. When RPF returned to the army community in mid-2018, they were not completely unbeatable… until June 3rd, 2020.

Crazzy taking the role of Rebel Commander was an unexpected move. While it was apparent someone would be leading alongside Cosmo, very few expected the loyal 2ic Crazzy to get the top position. From the initial announcement of her leadership, Crazzy was able to hit the ground running with 3 consecutive tournament victories in Legends Cup X, Fright or Fight, and Christmas Chaos X. Out of 30 straight weeks of leadership, she has managed to reach the coveted #1 position on the Top Ten for 23 of those weeks. Alongside brother allies Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors, RPF under Crazzy was able to win two wars undefeated against Doritos and Water Vikings. With this unprecedented consistency by the RPF, many believe it has reached a new peak, even surpassing the iteration of the army run by the likes of Silverburg and Elmikey.

Before Crazzy became the undefeated leader bringing an army to the forefront unlike anything we’ve seen in a decade, I had the absolute pleasure of watching her rise through the ranks of RPF. Stumbling into the army on June 24th, 2019, she was beyond the definition of a noob. She took a liking quickly in the army, becoming a fan favorite, and reaching Troop of the Week just a month after joining. Though I left RPF very soon after that, just months later I found myself talking to her again while I was leading the ACP. Crazzy was involved in various high-importance situations from the time she became a member of the RPF Higher Command. She has such a determined attitude and such a want to win that she is able to make almost everything she wishes for come true. Without Crazzy’s nonstop motivation, it is hard to say what the first 6 months of CPAH could have looked like. There is no doubt in my mind that she was the Person of the Year in 2020, and her name will be mentioned for many, many more years to come. Crazzy is the true embodiment of a Legend and of The Good Fight.

— Koloway, CP Army Hub Founder

And so the Person of the Year 2020, as well as the year itself, comes to a close. It took many hours of discussion and debate between the CP Army Hub administration and Advisors to narrow the long list of influential people down to just five, but we feel that these are the key people who have helped to shape this year. There has been no doubt 2020 has proved one of the most fruitful years for the army community in almost a decade, and we are looking forward to see what 2021 has to offer. From everyone here at CP Army Hub, I wish you love, and a Happy New Year. 


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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