Flash Nemesis War: Day Two Recap

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The second day of the ongoing Flash Nemesis War between the Army of Club Penguin and Special Weapons and Tactics has come to a close. Who stood victorious after these hard-fought battles?

On December 26th, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) declared the Flash Nemesis War against the Special Weapons and Tactics. There were several reasons for this declaration which include, SWAT’s accusations of multilogging against the clovers, messages indicating violence, SWAT asking ACP troops to help or join their army, and many more. The Army of Club Penguin scheduled to invade SWAT’s servers of Hockey and Avalanche on Monday, December 28th. The day before ended with a successful invasion of Cozy by ACP. With that being said, SWAT is still looking to defend their territory on this new day. Will they be able to successfully defend themselves against the overwhelming clover crusaders?

Invasion of Hockey

At 9 am EST, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to invade Hockey from Special Weapons and Tactics. The green army was able to max out at 42 clovers, while SWAT managed to max out at only 18 agents. This size deficit allowed ACP to successfully cover SWAT for a majority of the battle. Moreover, ACP’s effective use of bombing had a greater effect as it exposed SWAT’s messy forms. The consistent 20+ size difference between these two armies in combination with ACP’s quick tactics and fast formations led to the fall of SWAT in this server. This battle ended with a 3-0 victory to ACP. Therefore, ACP was able to successfully overtake Hockey.


Invasion of Avalanche

At 8 pm EST, the war continued on with Special Weapons and Tactics logging on to defend against the attacking Army of Club Penguin. This battle was an epic one with the green crusaders boasting an army of 54 penguins. This overpowered SWAT’s 30 agents in more ways than one. SWAT made swift strikes in the first room with their effective bombing and neat formations. However, ACP’s 20+ size difference in this room allowed them to effectively cover SWAT’s tactics and forms. The rest of the battle continued on an upward trend for ACP. In addition to their size difference, ACP’s quick creative bombs and wide variety of formations exposed SWAT’s smaller gappy forms. Though this battle was a well-fought one between both armies, ACP took the 3-0 victory once again. Avalanche now belongs to the Army of Club Penguin.

The Flash Nemesis War continues on. As day two of this war comes to a close, ACP successfully overtakes more of SWAT’s territory. The servers of Hockey and Avalanche now belong to ACP. With more battles yet to come, SWAT still looks to defend what territory they have. Does ACP still have more in store for SWAT? Will SWAT see to live another day?

What do YOU think? Will ACP still press on to invade more SWAT territory or will SWAT finally admit defeat in this Flash Nemesis War? Let us know in the comments section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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