New Beginnings: CP Chapter 2

“The best time for new beginnings is now.”

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With every passing day, the end of Flash draws nearer. Through all these years, Flash has played a key role in sustaining Club Penguin Private Servers, and its demise would undoubtedly be a major blow to the Club Penguin Army community. However, we at CP Army Hub strive for the continuity of this community. With that in mind, we present to our newest partnership with Club Penguin Chapter 2. A fully HTML based client, Club Penguin Chapter 2 gives us a glimpse of the future ahead.

As we bid adieu to our beloved CPArmies, the time has now come for armies to adapt to a post Flash world. A world of downloadable clients and HTML clients. CP Army Hub promises to help armies navigate through this phase, and as part of our promise to deliver to armies, we established a partnership with Ep8Script, the creator of Club Penguin Chapter 2.

Club Penguin Chapter 2 is akin to your regular public CPPS, much like other public CPPSes, Club Penguin Chapter 2 will be open to use for regular players, and will not be purely army centric like CPArmies. However, as part of our partnership, Ep8Script has generously agreed to creating an army server just for armies to use.

The server will be christened as CP Armies, and will have a CP Army Hub icon next to it.

This server, however, will duplicate most of CPArmies features. You can run your regular commands like:

  • !army command to get your army uniform
  • !size, !sizeroom, !lockouts commands serve the same purpose as it did in CPArmies
  • !ping and !users command are other miscellaneous commands.

The game however does not come with !ai and !ac commands.

The game might come with some bugs initially, and some rooms may be unresponsive. The game may not even be fully supportive of higher maxes in a room. CPC2 developers, however, alongside our own developers are hard at work at improving the game with every passing day.


A post Flash world may seem uncertain, it may even seem bleak. But this won’t be the end of armies in any way. We were meant to die in 2017, yet here we are welcoming 2021, being much bigger than armies ever were in the past. While this might mean a short break in activities for armies, this by no means is a break for CP Army Hub and its administration, as we continue to scour for stability for this community. Top Tens will continue if a considerable number of armies continue their activities in other CPPSes, be it downloadable clients and the like.

At this juncture, I’d also like to extend my gratitude on behalf of the community to Superhero123 and Flen for their ever-lasting support to CP Army Hub and CPArmies.

Your patience however is greatly appreciated. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together. CP Army Hub will continually put out updates on our Discord as we explore the HTML5 world, and developments in Club Penguin Chapter 2 will also be continually posted on our discord.


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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