Person of the Year 2020 Press Conference

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With the end of 2020 comes the announcement of the Person of the Year award as well. Who won this title, and what are her thoughts on the award?


On December 29th, the Person of the Year post was released bearing the names of five prominent figures, consisting of four runner-ups and one victor. The runner-ups included 32op, The Crooked Chip, CSY, The People’s Commander, Pookie437, The Charismatic Chief, and Regan, The Ice Mythic. All four figures have put in tons of effort throughout the year of 2020, making their name known in good and bad ways.

However, there could only be one winner. Crazzy, nicknamed The Undefeated Rebel, was awarded this honor due to her hard work and immense involvement in both the Rebel Penguin Federation and the army community. CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Crazzy for an interview regarding her thoughts on the well-deserved award:


What was your reaction when you found out you won Person of the Year?

I was shocked, since the site was down and I couldn’t initially see the post hahah. But I’m very proud to represent my army with such a high honor in the community!

What does being Person of the Year mean to you?

I think it’s a title that displays consistent efforts throughout the year, within my own community and in the army community. It’s definitely an award that can highlight the marks I’ve made in CPA.

How would you describe your influence on the community from the past year?

When I got promoted to Rebel Commander, it was my goal to make RPF a better place than when I first came into the community. Constantly worked to make the environment safer, my army stronger, and to make a statement that RPF isn’t here to mess around. After Legends Cup X and the two sides of the community merged, I helped formulate the Army Representative platform. In a community where it feels like major armies always have the say in rules, I felt like it’d give other armies a voice in important situations. CPAH thankfully implemented the system, and over time it progressed into something that allowed army leaders to directly speak up about issues. When I was appointed Advisor in August, I knew wanted to become more involved in the army community. I’d say overall I’ve made a difference in how the community functions, and that I’ve capitalized on the strength RPF possesses on the battlefront. But leagues are never perfect, I think we all know that, but as a community we can work together towards a better future in CPA.

What was your most memorable accomplishment from the past year?

When I became Third in Command in RPF, I immediately took interest in the army community and being an effective administrator within RPF. I helped implement our junior staff system, known as Officer Cadet, that helps newer members train to become successful moderators and HCOM. On the army side Ulti and other high command in RPF took me under their wing, which led me to assisting Ulti in further war plans, most notably WWR. I even had the opportunity to lead some battles in there, like the Defense of Tuxedo as a Second in Command. After that, definitely the LCX semi finals against the Ice Warriors where we went into an intense double OT, and hit a uniform size record of 162. Then followed by the finals against Help Force where we reached 155. I came together with army leaders from IW and DW to form the now known Black Ice Alliance, a dominant force that still exists today. They went from being my allies to becoming close friends, and I appreciate all the hard work they put into their own communities. A few war battles and invasions followed that tournament, as we battled the Doritos and Recon Federation. In the fall we conquered the Army of Club Penguin in a tournament finals, where we hit a high of 128. Following that tournament, we declared war on the Water Vikings where again, we hit new heights in sizes and claimed more land on the map. Christmas Chaos X was an amazing experience, winning my third tournament in a row and reaching almost 130 in the finals against IW. Receiving the title of CP Legend last week was also amazing, never thought I’d get this far when I first joined RPF. Army relations aside, it was an amazing feeling to also reach a high tier in RPF’s Hall of Fame.

What do you hope to accomplish the following year?

Hopefully I’ll have RPF in a good position come the html5 transition, and we can continue being a dominant force in the community. Winning more tournaments, conquering in wars, and staying at the top. I also hope to have my Second in Commands ready to go as they embark their journeys onto becoming RCs one day.

What advice do you have to people trying to achieve the same success you did?

Stay determined. With enough hard work, a strong cohesive team and consistent efforts, anything is possible. Also, do not sweat the negative comments and pessimistic criticism from others. If you know you’re doing well and can accept that, then you’re golden.

Do you have anything else to add?


Congratulations to 32op, CSY, Pookie437, and Regan for earning runner-up awards for the Person of the Year. Of course, make sure to give Crazzy a huge congratulations as well for becoming the Person of the Year for the year of 2020! As the awards week and ultimately the year of 2020 comes to a close, what awards and victors will we see next to end the year with a blast?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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