Underground Mafias Army Announces Abrupt Shutdown

UNKNOWN, Underground Mafias Army Empire- An eventful awards week here at CP Army Hub sees an unforeseen closure of the Underground Mafias Army. What led to the shut down of this infamous army?

The Underground Mafias Army (UMA) has been a longstanding and well known army of this community. Founded by Pink Mafias in 2007, this army has seen several ups and downs during it’s many generations. The mafia first became popular after the Army of Club Penguin declared war on them in 2007, the rest is now history.

The seventh, and most recent generation, of the Mafias was revived by Zamb, Cobra, Dino, and Games on November 17th, 2020. After operating for just slightly over a month, this army has decided to shut its doors due to unfortunate controversies and scandalous claims which has been detailed in their shut down post (please read at your own discretion as graphic and mature content is present in the post).

Though this generation did not last very long, the Mafias were a close-knit and easy-going community for it’s members. They held several successful events on CP Rewritten, and have been constant contenders on the small/medium top tens since re-openinng.

The Underground Mafias Army’s most recent event

In order to gain more insight about this closure, CP Army Hub reached out to Zamb for an interview.

Why did you feel that shutting down UMA was the right decision to make?

The Underground Mafias wasn’t cut out for this community, as any other army that does not align with the beliefs of others today! History is always written by the victors reflects what happened here, guess the Fire Warriors’ and their circlej*rk had a vendetta that pushed to vote in the CP Army Hub and criminalize us with several accusations. I’ll tell this right now, no one is innocent as shown in our post, and you’ll recognize this sooner or later. The Underground Mafias was never an appropriate army, often hated in both original Club Penguin and as shown now. They can’t handle a joke, enough that they try to act like saints and get their job done. It’s annoying, but UMA cannot thrive in this politically incorrect community.

What do you believe was the greatest accomplishment of the Mafias in this generation?

The greatest accomplishment this generation was most likely being cancelled LOL. In all seriousness, we published a thorough post to prevent being cancelled that worked, but this new tragedy struck and well, our guardians intervened. Though we reached the highest max for UMACPPS (not counting Epic’s invalidated generation), it’s funny to see us be the enemy of the community. Either that, or being able to create a server where several influential figures of the community admitted that our chat was a fresh breeze of air. It’s nice to know people appreciate change.

What is your greatest memory while being leader of this army?

One of my greatest memory was being cursed out by Mustapha10 and able to come to a compromise with him. The man I feared to speak over him cursing me out ended up being reasonable and I prevented any further harm from affecting our troops. As we speak, XIng is in my DMs, which reminds me of several altercations being very memorable. Another great memory was Daniel, our guardian, showing his trust in me. I thought I wasn’t the best leader so I vented in his DMs, and he said in all caps, “DO YOU WANT TO LEAD?”, which I replied “Yes.”, and the rest is history. However, out of all the memories this generation faced, the greatest has to be upholding the UMA culture. Turning off filter, being openly inappropriate in the main chat, and not being like the other. We had a different support armies lacked, and that was people who were there for the UMA culture. Culture is an important part to an army’s nationalism, as seen by the ACP’s “defend freedom and preserve justice” morality based culture, the UMA were true to our own and proved that despite the setbacks and different environment, we could still thrive. Our army shown a positive trend of growth, and could’ve endured this if it wasn’t for a boy who cried wolf.

What is in store for the future of UMA?

Just wait and see, I can tell you right now if you think bad words are a no-no, then the future isn’t for you. All I can say is our culture isn’t going anywhere, you can bury us with the CP Army Hub and do your best to get us cancelled, but this is UMA. We’ve been cancelled every generation, even Pink Mafias was cancelled LOL, but yeah, nothing’s going to stop us. Flexes muscles

Despite their short run, the vast and rich history of this army provides encouragement that this won’t be the last time the Underground Mafias Army operate as a Club Penguin Army. Their leaders have been resilient from generation to generation and that will no doubt continue in the future.

What do YOU think? Will this army come back any time soon? Will they come back to prevail despite the controversies and stress of the Club Penguin army community? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.



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