Flash Nemesis War: Day Four Results in Clover Victories

KLONDIKE, Battle Ground – As we advance further into the Flash Nemesis War, the Army of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics took it out to the battlefield once again to brawl for vengeance. Which army successfully conquered these battles?

The Army of Club Penguin scheduled to invade Lucky and Nevisca on December 30th. Previously, we witnessed the Army of Club Penguin successfully overtake Cozy, Hockey, and Avalanche. Despite the Special Weapons and Tactics providing their best effort to reclaim the server Avalanche, they turned out unsuccessful. With their admirable determination, how did SWAT perform in defending both their beloved servers from the Clover Crusaders?

Invasion of Lucky

At 9 AM EST, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to invade Lucky from the Special Weapons and Tactics. The green family arrived with 31 troops, while the SWAT rulers only had 7 troops in attendance. The Clover army managed to completely cover the agents, which led the Army of CP to take the upper hand. Despite SWAT attempting to put up a good effort, they were completely swept off the battlefield by the Clover Crusaders’ use of clean formations and tactics. Due to the Clovers having a 20 plus size advantage, along with consistently dominating SWAT with their unique bombs, this led to the judges deeming this battle as a 3-0 victory to the Clover Defenders. Hence, the Army of CP was successfully able to invade Lucky. 

Invasion of Lucky, 3-0 victory in favor of the clovers.

Invasion of Nevisca

At 4 PM EST, the Army of Club Penguin logged on once again to overtake Nevisca from the Special Weapons and Tactics. Preparing to fight SWAT with a spectacular number of 60 troops online, the Army of CP ended up facing an unexpected outcome. To their surprise, the battle ended up as a no-show from SWAT as they bailed the defense. This led to the Clovers automatically winning the invasion and left room for them to commemorate the ending of Flash. 

Invasion of Nevisca, Army of CP victory.

As we conclude day four of the Flash Nemesis war, the Army of Club Penguin declared yet another invasion on the agents. With CP Armies no longer functioning, the war will seem to continue onto the private server, Frosty. With the invasion of Mittens scheduled for December 31st at 9 AM EST, how will the armies fare in the middle of a Club Penguin private server switch?

What do YOU think? What will the outcome be at the invasion of Mittens? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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