The End of the Circus: Clown Rebellion Announces Shutdown

WINTER LAND, Clown Rebellion Empire – Following many months of activity, the Clown Rebellion has decided to shut its doors. What led to this sudden decision?

The Clown Rebellion was officially established in July of this year under the Ringmasters Chris183, Lemonade1S, Kandy, and Clindsz. Ever since their creation, the army has consistently hosted events and has achieved a number five spot on the Small/Medium Top Ten. The Rebellion was also able to reach a peak of 29 troops in a battle against the Golden Troops.


Clown Rebellion battle against the Golden Troops

On December 29th, Clown Rebellion leader Chris released this announcement, declaring the shutdown of the army.

hello everyone! I am here to announce that Clown Rebellion will be shutting down along with Flash this year. It was very much fun doing roast events and clowning around with you all. I wish you all the best in the coming new year.

They scheduled their final event for 2pm EST on December 30th and managed to reach an astonishing size over 20.


Final Clown Rebellion event

To discover more behind the cease of operations, CP Army Hub managed to secure an interview with creator and leader Chris183 to ask a few questions.


What led to your decision to shut down the Clown Rebellion?

I feel the main reason for shutting down was honestly just because of flash dying. I felt like it was a fitting end for us and didn’t wanna go any longer! We had a good run and everything!

Do you foresee a return of the army in the future?

I can’t really predict the future. It might come back, it may not. Right now though, I do not have plans for a revival anytime soon!

During your tenure as leader, what would you say was your favorite moment?

My favorite moment probably has been when I got my nameglow LOL I been working for it for so long and when I got it, it was lit. Also when we beat GT that was cool too

As Flash makes an exit, it seems that the Clown Rebellion is ready to leave too after months of clowning, having fun, and reaching great heights. Although it seems this is the end of the army, will they ever return in the future?

What do YOU think? Is this the last we will see of the Clown Rebellion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee



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