CP Army Rewind: 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Twenty twenty has been one rollercoaster of a year, with every month offering a new dramatic chapter to our story. Sit back and relax, as we look back across the past twelve months.


Words by: LuciferStar

As 2019 came to an end, Club Penguin armies began another chapter: 2020. Three years ago in 2017, Bluesockwa1 oversaw the end of the conglomerate he and several predecessors built, quoting in his final post, “For my single self, I would not trade it for the world. True, tonight Club Penguin Armies will cease to exist. But as Tennyson writes, something more may, in-fact will, be done. And though we will cease to do these grand things together, we will do all with the knowledge that at one time we all shared something inexplicable, but electrifying.” A beginning to a year no one expected to happen, though the community was yet to explode as it did months later. In the CPO Army League, The Warriors Alliance, composed of Ice and Dark Warriors, declared war against the Doritos. A rivalry stemming from the original Club Penguin makes a return, and the two would see great altercations. The Doritos led the war with a 4-2 lead, holding the Dark Warriors’ capital Frosty until a ceasefire was agreed upon. Andrew24, Ice Warriors legend, later left his home army in attempts to recreate Pochoma and Pringle’s legendary Ninjas. The revival didn’t last long, and both Freezie and Andrew went on to revive the Pirates army, arguably the biggest army in private servers. Throughout the month, the Doritos reigned supreme over the army league, occupying a residential top spot on the Top Ten.

The community wasn’t as united as it is today as the CPO and CPR sides shared differences in ideas about incentivising recruiting and the administration behind the CPPS. The Army of Club Penguin revived in September, began to prove their dominance in the Club Penguin Armies’ Holiday Tournament. After a fight against the Help Force, the much-anticipated finals were arriving. The Rebel Penguin Federation, who established themselves as the dominant army in CPPS-armies, versus the underdogs. For the first time in years, the clover defenders made history and defeated the RPF in a tournament. Koloway, the one responsible for spearheading ACP’s growth, planned his retirement on the 15th following his major accomplishment. The Elite Guardians, who also made their mark as one of the biggest CPPS armies, transferred 10 servers from their extensive empire and scheduled to shut down on the 29th. Shad’s CP Army News Network merged into Club Penguin Armies, but he soon stepped down from the position of Chief Executive Officer due to some altercations with the community. Cena opposed CPA and led an exodus to Club Penguin Warfare, a rivaling media outlet, leaving all servers with the Cosmic Empire. This was short-lived, and the Cosmic army was soon invaded by both the RPF and Help Force. Ayan, creator, and leader of the Help Force, scheduled his retirement after creating a vast empire with his exclusive CPPS army. His retirement would soon lead to a greater opportunity, as Ultipenguinj and Emcee from the Rebel Penguin Federation, began talks to form an alternative media outlet without a league. As the month comes to an end, a name would be decided for this new source of news: the Club Penguin Army Media.


Words by: Koloway

February, for some, began with hopes and dreams of a league-less organization taking popularity in the community. Club Penguin Army Media, birthed out of desire for less restrictions on armies and placing the power with the people, was being run by Ayan as Chief Executive Officer and Emcee as Executive Producer. Though there was a major shakeup in how the army community would be run on the Club Penguin Rewritten side, not much else was changing in a noticeable way. The Rebel Penguin Federation solidified their grip on the army community after slipping up and suffering losses against the Army of Club Penguin in months prior. While Help Force and the Army of Club Penguin were in competition for the second place position every week, the Rebel Penguin Federation was secure sitting atop the Top Ten. The Army of Club Penguin faced off against the latest iteration of the historic Romans, with Commander-in-Chief CSY stating his reasoning as the Romans Leader, Darklink, being caught multilogging days before joining the Romans leadership. The Army of Club Penguin battled the Romans for a little less than a week, managing to come out with their hands raised through a 5-0 victory.

Across the field with Club Penguin Online Army League, the Doritos kicked the month off with an impressive first placement on the Top Ten. Later that week, on February 9th, the Doritos declared war against the Pirates. The war was fought for weeks, back and forth by the brown and the orange. Although the Doritos were able to snag the first week of the month, the newly revived Pirates managed to keep first place to themselves for the remainder of the month. Due to rampant inactivity in the Small & Medium army community in CPOAL, 12 of the 28 registered armies were removed from CPOAL due to inactivity. Fjord Frenzy, a tournament held by the CPOAL Administration, saw armies like Templars, Pirates, Doritos, and Crimson Guardians thrive. Though many armies were invited to take part, the Fjord Frenzy finals was fought between Templars and the Pirates, with Pirates maxing 50+ and securing the victory. The Templars dispute this and state “a clueless troop entered the room early” and this is what caused their loss. Though armies experienced a lull in activity, this was only the calm before the storm that would be brought in March.


Words by: Orange

As March began, the infamous COVID-19 started to take the world by storm. A virus that many did not take seriously at first, ended up sending the world into lockdown. Stuck inside their homes, people began looking for a new hobby, thus bringing on the COVID-19 boom, kickstarting a new golden age. Many veterans rose from the ashes to take on important leadership roles in armies across both CPOAL and CPAM. CPAM, a news organization that was still growing and provided a platform for CPR armies, obtained a partnership with CP Armies: The Game. This new private server created by Superhero provided CPR armies a server of their own to have battles on. This was a pivotal moment for the year as it previewed a very important role later in the year. Midway through the month, CPOAL announced the return of the prestigious March Madness tournament. This tournament was the biggest held in a long time as legendary armies such as Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, Doritos, and Pirates all took part in it. This proved to be one of the biggest and most controversial tournaments of all times as many rigging accusations were thrown during the tournament. The four aforementioned behemoths were at the center of controversy and the historic sizes reached. After the announcement of the tournament, Epic, the chairman of CPOAL, announced that CPO was now allowing armies three coin events per week. This new ruling benefitted CPO armies tremendously as they were able to take advantage of the millions of new CPO users. CPOAL’s league was picking up huge momentum as their league structure was very attractive to many people.

This month was filled with revivals as Peoples Imperial Confederation returned under S/M legend Sidie9’s guidance. RPF hosted their “Super Saturday” where they broke their AUSIA and UK size record, hitting 83 and 117 respectively. Whilst March Madness was running rampant, CPAM announced their Premier League tournament, a relatively unique concept. RPF were able to shatter their previous record, hitting stunning sizes of 178, a size that proved to be the record for the year. The month ended with Help Force declaring war on RFCP. Their reason being that they wanted to preserve justice within the community. As the month approached its end, many armies began entering their golden ages. Though record sizes were being broken week after week, the community was still as separate and distinct as ever, despite all the returning veterans attempting to change this. Community meetings were held between the two sides, never reaching a clear conclusion and usually always ending on a sour note. This month was kind of like a prologue for the rest of the year, as many of the significant events of the year resulted from fateful actions done in March. This month not only set the bar, but it set the stage for the most historic year of this community’s history.


Words by: Superhero123

COVID-19 pandemic reached its first peak, and the world had to adjust into a totally unfamiliar way of living. With everyone locked into their personal home castles, online entertainment became the primary source of joy in those depressing times. This led to increased CPA involvement by the existing members of the community, but also to the return of plenty of veterans, looking for some way to pass their time while trapped indoors. The result was a surge of activity, with army sizes increasing by enormous amounts, resulting in an army golden age. Those veterans also brought back into life plenty of old dead armies: SWAT, Golds, LGA, Shadow Troops, Aliens, Takis, GT and Gigi Hadid were all revived in April, with some even being alive to this date, or having influenced the current community in major ways. Quarantine also generated the ideal conditions for an eventful tournament, and both big army leagues took the chance.

CPAM hosted the ”Premier League Tournament”, a round robin style tournament in which Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of CP, Romans of CP, Help Force, Os Mascarados, and Pizza Federation took place. After a lot of interesting battles, RPF came victorious and earned the trophy. CPAL’s tournament was “Rage and Glory Tournament”, a one day clash between all currently active armies of the league, major and small/medium. It was a day full of online warfare and internet joy, which didn’t have a declared winner, but focused solely on having some free-for-all fun. Outside of tournament warfare though, it’s evident that a bunch of quarantined club penguin army leaders with nothing better to do would result in some big wars taking place. The first was the Doritos vs Ice Warriors conflict, which started after an organized assault by IW and plenty of their allies into Dorito territory. IW proceeded to transfer much of its land to various S/M armies, and in the middle of April was declared winner with a score of 23-3, an embarrassing defeat for DCP.

There was also a one day war between the totally-not-a-troll Gigi Hadid army and ACP, after some extremely serious disputes between their leaderships. ACP won the war, after winning its only battle. Perhaps the greatest conflict of April though was the ACP vs RPF war. The war started after a leak of ACP’s HICOM chat by an individual who used the identity “TheManWithThePlan”, which showed ACP HCOM mocking the Rebel Penguin Federation. The situation quickly spiralled out of control, with almost every army CPAM army siding with one of the two superpowers, resulting in a huge scale conflict later to be dubbed as “World War Rewritten”.


Words by: Crazzy

Arguably one of the most chaotic months of the year for the Club Penguin Army community, May saw various highs and lows across the board. The community saw two major CPR armies make peace and conclude the monumental World War Rewritten tension. RPF and ACP signed a ceasefire that would last until September of 2020, while other supporting armies in the war slowly parted from each other. Just a few days later, armies like Elites, Night Warriors, Dark Bandits, and the Water Vikings saw their debut back into the CPA scene. But the NW and DB had short strides, closing very soon in respect to their returns, while WV and Elites continued forward.

CPAM hosted the Challengers Cup tournament, catering the small medium army community, with over 14 armies in attendance. The Pizza Federation took down the People’s Imperial Confederation the finals, emerging victorious in this feat. During PZF’s road to victory, they also faced the Golden Guardians in a short lived war where GG won 1-0-0. On the CPO side of the major army community, the Pirates faced off with the Doritos towards the end of May but later came together to take on the Ice Warriors. IW competed against the Pirates and DCP duo, which lasted about 4 days. The war ended in an alliance between the opposing sides. ACP after coming out of a World War against the Rebel Penguin Federation, decided to take on the Coup Crusaders after allegations of troop stealing and supposed bias. ACP won this war 3-0-0, and concluded with a peace treaty between both parties. ACP was not done yet, as the Templars got involved with the Crimson Guardians shortly after the CC and ACP war. CG decided to transfer their land to ACP, where Templars had to face the Clovers in order to reclaim their land from 2019. The Templars lost the battle, and formed a treaty with CG to conclude the war.

The Templars weren’t done just yet, as they took on the Os Mascarados in a week long war. Their ceasefire concluded the war, along with land distribution amongst both armies. Speaking of land, the One Direction Army also declared war on the Golden Troops in hopes of gaining more land on the map. The ODA claimed about 2 pieces of GT land, with only one loss. Amongst all the war and tournaments, the community saw CPO shut down due to Disney’s DMCA. This devastated the community, with fears of what will happen next for other CPPSes in the community. CPOAL converted to CPAL, and a considerable merge with the CPR armies segwaying behind closed doors. On top of all this the greater community saw the first united tournament in years. The Legends Cup X invite went out to 32 armies based off of their success in their respective league’s Top Ten. In a quest to see which army was the best, CPO and CPR armies came together to compete in the biggest tournament the community had ever seen.


Words by: Scorpion Demon

June saw a slight drop in activity in the army community. The most memorable event of this year was the commencement of Legends Cup X, following the unification of the community on Club Penguin Armies: The Game. The tournament raged on throughout the month, with multiple scandals coming to surface. The Pirates were disqualified from the tournament following a multilogging operation, shortly after which Epic101 was removed from CPAL. Soon after this the Pirates shut down and merged with the Dark Warriors, which in turn gave the Dark Warriors a huge boost in the tournament. However, the final battle saw Rebel Penguin Federation claim a victory against the Help Force. Meanwhile, the Templars, the Red Ravagers, and Pizza Federation declared war on People’s Imperial Confederation, who were aided by Water Vikings and the Marines in a war called the Confederation War.

Two other wars also surfaced during this month, with the Coup Crusaders declaring war on Templars, and Los Facheros going to war against the Recon Federation following a failed merge. The community said its final goodbye to Club Penguin Armies: The Game, following the game’s shutdown on June 15th after its one month anniversary party. The Army of the Orient Seas, one of the major Ausia armies in the community, were launched on June 28th. On the same day, Ayan and Emcee retired from CP Army Media, while the media giant announced the upcoming merge with CP Army League to form the biggest league in CPPS history – CP Army Hub.


Words by: Scorpion Demon

The month of July was quite a treat for the army community. We witnessed a plethora of historic as well as infamous incidents unfold, incidents that reshaped the future of several armies, either positively or negatively. This month was the first month of the newly unified community, waddling on towards the sunset of the death of Flash, together, under the banned of the much-glorified CP Army Hub. The AUSIA community rapidly gained more importance than it ever held during the 13 years of Club Penguin Armies. Quite a few major as well as small armies hosted AUSIA events in a bid to exploit the AUSIA curve. On the first day of the month, LuciferStar declared Alaska as the new CP Army Hub capital, replacing Klondike. Armies slowly eased into the new and bigger community, attempting to get an idea of their bearings through numerous ways.

The first week of this eventful month saw the Water Vikings launch a public condemnation of Special Weapons and Tactics, berating their numerous troop-stealing incidents. Viking Commander Pjayo threatened war if these incidents continued to occur, and despite SWAT’s apology to pacify the Vikings, the war eventually did take place later in August. On July 7th, the Doritos were forced into the limelight as several members of their Higher Command fled to the Dark Warriors. They declared that the popular Doritos catchphrase “Family Forever” was a contradiction to the army itself, and accused Meerrkat of acting like a dictator. This week also saw the CP Army Hub finally open its server map to the armies. However, one army could only invade one server per day. While several armies spun into an invasion-frenzy, the Ice Warriors, in a cunning move, used their colonies to invade multiple servers at once, bypassing the rule. By the end of the week, the Ice Warriors fished up a total of 16 servers, while small armies like the Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army and Red Ravagers finished with 4-6 servers. Many major armies did not invade more than four servers, with the Army of CP transferring their only server to the Water Vikings and ending up with zero server. In this week, the tensions between historic enemies Ice Warriors and Doritos started escalating.

The Ice Warriors suddenly announced alliances with four small/medium armies, while also solidifying their alliance with the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation while the Doritos formed a Non-Aggression pact with Help Force. On July 14th, the Doritos revived the New Dawn Alliance with the Elites, Army of the Orient Seas, Army of Club Penguin, Lime Green Army and lastly the Templars, who were later removed from the alliance. After two days, Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Dark Warriors declared war on the Doritos. On the very same day, the Army of CP, the Elites and the Army of the Orient Seas withdrew from the alliance. Thus, the Doritos faced three invasions from the Rebels and the Warriors Alliance with no major allies. Day One of the war saw the Doritos show up to only one of the invasions, to fight against the Ice Warriors and lose in overtime. An hour after the losses, the Doritos hosted a final event following Wwebestfan’s wishes to close the army but later decided to isolate from CP Army Hub instead, while continuing to host events. Thus, the Rebels, the Ice Warriors and the Dark Warriors won the war. Following this, Agent11 announced his retirement from the Ice Warriors while 32op and Meerrkat departed from the Doritos leadership.

As these major armies settled down after their war, the small/medium community was flung into a frenzy as they clashed against each other in the much-awaited Beach Brawl. Meanwhile, CP Army Legend Koloway announced his retirement from the Army of CP and CPAH. ‘CP Armies: The Game’ creator Superhero123 released his final statement regarding the game at around the same time. LuciferStar retired from his Elites leadership role on July 21st. All this while, the now outcasted Doritos were hosting events and continuing to feature in the Top Ten from outside the league. However, CPAH released an expose post on July 22nd, revealing how the Doritos had faked events to increase their top ten points. In the final week of July, the Silver Empire, Pizza Federation, Coup Crusaders and the Army of the Orient Seas came out on top in Round 2 of the Beach Brawl. A routine investigation revealed multilogging on part of the AOS, resulting in their disqualification. Thus, the Lime Green Army advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament. The month ended with a high adrenaline Ice Warriors battle win against the Doritos in the delayed Semi Finals of the March Madness, which pitched the Ice Warriors against their allies Dark Warriors in the finals.


Words by: Zamb

 As the much anticipated Beach Brawl tournament comes to an end, seeing the Pizza Federation add another trophy to their name, the wild month of August begins. Amid the tournament, the short-lived Coup Crusaders found themselves involved in a scandal, disqualifying a fan-favorite from the tournament. Early August, Oagalthorp’s surprising visit to the community was one of the many uncommon events to occur. Another ongoing tournament, CP Army Hub’s very own August Sadness ended with both The Warrior Alliance duking it out and the winter army claiming the victory. Two tournaments concluding wasn’t the end of battles, as two armies would be at the center of the community. An army known for isolationism, the Recon Federation, made a return to the league, clashing against the Templars. A controversial return found themselves besieged by the Rebel Penguin Federation, who also condemned the Lime Green Army for their support. As the Recon Federation faced a backlash from several armies, the Templars weren’t exempt as the Army of Club Penguin declared their “Third Clover Crusade”, with a Casus Beli of allegedly hacking a staff member, as well as homophobia. In a controversial vote, the CP Army Hub banned both armies following compiled evidence criminalizing the two for inappropriate behavior. 

Their removal shifted the spotlight from controversy to a massive offensive headed by the Black Ice Alliance. The Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and allies enacted a blitzkrieg like Order 67. Both the Pizza Federation and the Lime Green Army’s condemnations placed a target on them, as well as the Water Troops for their involvement in the SM Army Union. Though the Limes defended Ascent from Templars, the alliance claimed several servers. Their onslaught ended with an expected Black Ice Alliance victory, but their war wasn’t the only one seen in August. As a future conflict was brewing, the community saw both retirements such as Madhav’s from the Ice Warriors, 32op, and Meer returning to the Doritos after they hit S/M on the Top Ten, Freezie’s anticipated return to the Dark Warriors, and more. Not to mention, Club Penguin Rewritten administration announced tighter rules to restrict armies from populated servers. Chainpro’s removal from the Water Vikings, as well as the return of Adden, were the events that transpired before the Eagre Foray. The Vikings first declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics on the premise of troop stealing, beginning one of the longest wars in 2020.   


Words by: Kally

The month of September often incites fear in the army community. With the start of school, many armies experience the infamous “September Drop”. This year was no exception, as everybody prepared for the worst.

Throughout September, many beloved armies permanently closed their doors, such as the Elites, Lime Green Army, Elite Forces, Doritos and Superstars. Moreover, many prominent figures, such as Zamb (Elites), Shinde (IW), Ana (FP) and Julia (DW), just to name a few, decided to depart from their leadership roles, announcing their retirements. However, not all was gloomy this September, as many old favorites celebrated their revivals. For example, the community saw the infamous Most Wanted and the legendary Dark Champions return, both of which are still up and running. Other armies, such as the Light Troops, and the Tree Cult opened back up this September, but to no avail, as they later on shut down once more.

As one of the longest wars of this whole year, the Eagre Foray finally witnessed its conclusion in September. The Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics captivated the community for the entirety of September, with precisely 25 battles held. With the help from the constant battles, SWAT even achieved major status, and for the first time, CP Army Hub witnessed an invalid battle due to a lack of judges. On September 27th, the Water Vikings successfully invaded Skates, SWAT’s last server, thus ending the war.

The community also spectated a heated “War of Words” burst out between the Warrior Alliance and the Doritos. This so-called “war” was kicked off by a post written by Meerrkat, a former leader of the Doritos, which publicly condemned the Warrior Alliance for their toxicity and inappropriate tactics. “The Truth about TWA” then resulted in a domino effect of posts, with both sides releasing more and more sensitive material on the other armies. The “war” did not come to any conclusions, and after a total of six posts, both sides ceased posting further exposés.

The talk of the penguin town this month was certainly the exposé of Prior Bumble, written by a former Recon Federation member named SupremePower, also formerly known as LuckyLuigi. The exposé, released on September 19th, included various allegations and included extensive photo evidence. Just a couple days beforehand, the Recon Federation was celebrating Prior Bumble’s induction as a CP Army Legend, which was later on removed. Following these events, Prior Bumble diplomatically announced his retirement, stepping down as RFCP’s commander.

Although we saw many of our friends leave, this year’s September Drop was not nearly as lethal as it has been in the past. The month was filled with an array of wars and exposés, proving that the community is alive and well, and ready to battle.


Words by: Sophie

With October comes a chilly breeze, the smell of pumpkin spice, and of course, Halloween. It was also a remarkable month for the army community. Despite the effects of the September Drop still lingering in the form of leader retirements and army shutdowns, there were also a startling amount of army revivals and an exciting Fright or Fight tournament as well.

In this month alone, the community saw the retirement of many prominent figures such as BeanPea from the Crimson Guardians, Zoomey and Fedd from the Water Vikings, Hannah from Help Force, Mare, Grace, and Phoebe from the One Direction army, and Oliver and Aubz from SWAT. Although quite a mouthful, rest assured that there was a plethora of exciting promotions to balance things out—in water-themed armies especially. For one, we witnessed Kally, Freedomist, and DrQueen promoted to Water Ninjas Sensei. Guncotton also joined the Water Vikings leadership, just to name a few.  

At the start of the month, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin chose to renew their ceasefire treaty, left over from World War Rewritten. This new treaty would guarantee them peace until January 31st. Unfortunately, not all news remained happy as the Light Troops announced their shutdown on October 4th, citing that the recent revival of the army in September was illegitimate and the army would close to ensure its legacy stays pristine.

To make up for things, CP Army Hub announced the riveting Fright or Fight tournament on October 5th, to be carried out throughout the rest of the month. Most Wanted also returned following a defacement. On the other hand, the Recon Federation and Templars war—which started following the end of their alliance—ended with both sides declaring themselves victorious. Following a successful and consistent few months, the Army of the Orient Seas also obtained major army status.

Of course, it wouldn’t be armies without drama. Chainpro was couped from the Templars around October 9th following claims of harassment against High Command SupremeP0wer and leader Shallissa. Multiple armies like the Royals, USSR, and Water Troops also made a comeback.

One of the things that made October truly special was the release of the 2020 Club Penguin Army Census results. As members from armies all over filled out the form, we were able to gain further insight on our modern-day army community. Sadly, it wasn’t long after the census was released that the Romans announced their shutdown. The Tree Cult would later follow suit and close their doors as well.

In continuation of our weekly October drama, Revan was couped from the Water Vikings leadership following internal conflicts. The community also witnessed a scandal as cparmies.net implemented rooms designed by and endorsing Zuke, who publicly used homophobic slurs and said the f-word unapologetically. Outrage from many LGBTQ+ voices and allies ultimately led to the removal of the rooms. Finally, to conclude October, we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation snatch the Fright or Fight finals to secure their overall tournament victory.

Although spooky, October ended up not nearly as scary as we thought. With multiple historic events, such as the Ice Warriors reaching first on the Top Ten following a long several-month Rebel reign, October was certainly a month to remember. 


Words by: Caramel

As the festive month of October ends, the approaching month of November is filled with many surprising and fun events to finish off the year of 2020 with a blast.

In this joyful month, multiple armies made their prominent return. Shortly after the month started, the Water Ninjas reached a major army status after weeks of hard work. Other armies, namely the Island Invaders, Black Jackets, Underground Mafias Army, and the Shadow Troops, all held a strong revival event and successfully registered as an army in CP Army Hub. As the month of November progressed, the famed Doritos also made their return with a stunning max of 57 troops.

Only several days after the month had begun, the army community was left in shock as both the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Water Vikings. A couple days later, the Ice Warriors also joined the conflict by scheduling an invasion on the Vikings. After the Army of the Orient Seas leader Intrinsic had unsuccessfully attempted to transfer their remaining server over to the Water Vikings, the sea army’s capital was invaded by the Ice Warriors and put under a force treaty on November 9th. As the war progressed in the Black Ice Alliance’s favor, Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kaliee was found to have multilogged for both the Dark Warriors and the Ice Warriors during their invasions which broke not only the terms of the ongoing war but a previous force treaty SWAT had received as well. With the broken terms plus the addition of a server transfer attempt by the Army of the Orient Seas, the entirety of the Dark Warriors versus Water Vikings war was deemed invalid.

Following the end of a thrilling but tiring war, the Water Vikings took their leave from the CP Army Hub a day later, thus releasing ownership of all their land. Additionally, new servers from SuperCP, NewCP, and Frosty were also added to the CP Army Hub map. With over thirty new free lands up for grabs, the army community witnessed a mass schedule of invasions for territory shortly after their release on November 18th.

As the month progressed, the newly-returned Doritos faced a shocking discovery shortly after their revival as their main leader 32op was found to have multilogged at five events. After evidence provided by Executive Producer Max led to a confession from 32op, the Doritos were able to move on and devote all their energy to the upcoming Christmas Chaos X tournament.

Furthermore, this action-packed month saw the announcement of other tournaments, including the Help Force’s Pina Colada Olympics and the Army of CP’s Aces of AUSIA tournament. Following the arrival of these two spectacular events, CP Army Hub announced their own Christmas Chaos X tournament. With round one times posted on November 22th, the tenth Christmas Chaos tournament kicked off with a bang. As the month of November came to an end, the results of round one and the new times for round two of the tournament were released, leaving spectators curious as to which armies would win next.

November was certainly an eventful month with many shocking events. With the year nearing its end, the army community is still continuing to prosper with countless battles and exciting tournaments.


Words by: Kingfunks4

The start of the Christmas Chaos in November set us up perfectly for the final month of what has been an unprecedented year for CP Armies – as armies had one last month on flash to show what they are about.

The Christmas Chaos tournament continued through the month of December, with some incredibly close and exciting battles. In the second round, the Rebel Penguin Federation swept away the Silver Empire, the Doritos had too much for the Dark Warriors, Help Force managed to edge past the Water Vikings and the Ice Warriors held a considerable size advantage over tournament specialists Pizza Federation. The semi-finals brought even more excitement, as tournament favourites RPF won in a 3-0 battle over Help Force, while the dark horse, IW, beat DCP despite two drawn rooms. That just left the final against the two powerhouses IW and RPF, who maxed 114 and 129 respectively. However, it would ultimately be the Rebel Penguin Federation who took the win in a 2-0-1 ruling due to their superior tactics and slight size advantage. This, remarkably, was their third tournament win this year in a row. In future tournaments, shall we declare the winner before it begins?

The first two week were not the most eventful part of the year outside of the Christmas Chaos, in fact there were only some small movements within the S/M community. Long serving leaders Maxine and TheMightyA retired from the Red Ravagers and Golden Troops respectfully, while Templars declared war on the Mango Corps and the newly formed Island Invaders declared war on the Fire Warriors. Both of these wars, however, were short lived. 

The final few weeks would be where things really started to heat up, and it started with the launch of the legend inductions for 2020, with 19 nominated for major legend and 9 inducted for S/M legend. Water Ninjas and former Templars leader, Freedomist, as well as Pizza Federation leader Lightningmcj would be inducted into the S/M Legends page. For the main legends page, Crazzy, Regan, CSY and finally Ayan would be inducted for their impressive leadership of their respective armies. 

Elsewhere, the Elites returned for a ninth generation under the leadership of Spotty, Simmonds and Austin, as they looked to reach the heights of earlier this year. At a similar time, legend nominee Change announced his retirement from the Water Vikings, resulting in Buddy shedding a tear, and was replaced by former leaders Fedd and Cliff. The big war of the month would be between SWAT and Pizza Federation, in what was questionably called the ‘weapons and toppings war’. Both armies took some victories, and the war heated up when first Templars, and then the ACP, joined in to declare war on SWAT. SWAT would put up their best, with some impressive performances, but struggled to match the ACP in size. 

Of course we could not end the year without a bit of controversy, and this came at the doorstep of CEO Pookie and VP Cassie, who stepped down under difficult and highly contentious circumstances. Mchappy in particular loved having to stay up until sunrise. This did, however, bring in an opportunity for a new administration as Orange and Sophie joined Max and LuciferStar. Finally, as usual, we had the chance to launch our numerous awards and prizes. Jack283 would win the best post of the year for his research into the Recon Federation, Crazzy would be crowned Person of the Year, RPF would be placed number one on the Top Ten of 2020 and numerous staff would be rewarded for their hard work. To top it off, the final event of the year was the end of year gala, which was also the closing event for CPArmies. It was a memorable and colourful affair, with 100s logging on for the event. 

December was an incredible and fitting end to what has been a sensational and record breaking year for CP Armies. Through this month we negotiated and tested alternative platforms for 2021 as flash ends, and surely we couldn’t be in a stronger position as we move into January. 

Wow – what a year it has been! There is no doubt 2020 has been one of the biggest and best years in our 14 year history. As we look towards our 15th year alive, what can we hope to expect?


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 




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