Rebel Penguin Federation Host Winter Olympics

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – The Rebel Penguin Federation recently held their Winter Olympics filled with lots of fun, games, and joy, but what exactly went down in this exciting week?

As the holiday season starts, the Rebel Penguin Federation  find themselves hosting another Olympics, this time labeled the Winter Olympics. The Olympics official opened on December 26th, followed by numerous events, and ended with their closing ceremony on December 30th. The rebels were divided among four different teams: Team Cerberus, Team Armada, Team Serpentine, and Team Asterion.

Day One

On the first day of the Olympics, the Rebels held their opening ceremony at EU times. This saw a peak of 82 troops. The second event of the day was a US Dance Contest, which had 63 troops in attendance. The contest saw team Cerberus securing the first and second positions, while Asterion managed to come in third.

Day Two

Day two opened up with the final dance contest of the Olympics, being held at AUSIA hours and maxing a solid 44 troops, which saw team Cerberus taking the win. It was followed by an EU card Jitsu tournament, hosting an attendance of 61 troops. Team Cerberus secured the gold, coming in first place. Soon after, the US division hosted their tournament, maxing a total of 72. Team Armada managed to secure first place.

Day Three

The first event of the third day was an AUSIA sled racing tournament which had a max of 50 troops and the winner was team serpentine. The EU division also held a sled racing tournament, maxing 63 with team Asterion taking the win. The final event of the day was a US Pizzatron tournament, they managed to max 62 troops with a four way tie between all teams.

Day Four

Day four of this fun-filled week opened up with an AUSA Pizzatron tournament, with a total of 43 troops in attendance. Cerberus, Armada, and Serpentine ended in a three-way tie for first place. The next even was an EU Find Four tournament, with 69 troops in attendance, Team Asterion secured both the gold and silver medals. Later in the day, the US division logged on with a total max of 74. Team Armada walked away with a gold medal.

Closing Ceremony

On the fifth and final day of this action packed week, we saw the closing ceremony being held by the EU division. 73 troops came to bid farewell to an amazing week filled with laughter, joy, and of course some competition. With all this competition, there must, of course, be a winner. Team Cerberus came in first place, followed by Asterion, serpentine and armada respectively.

The CP Army Hub team reached out to Rebel Commander Crazzy for a statement regarding the Olympics, here’s what she had to say : 

This Winter we hosted our 8th RPF olympics week! The theme was Disney Villains, something the Party Planning Committee and I thought would be a fun treat. The teams were: Team Serpentine (Maleficent), Team Cerberus (Hades), Team Armada (Captain Hook), and Team Asterion (Ursula). Rebel Commanders and Second in Commands were the captains for each team, with Third in Commands and mods aiding the hype and help in the team channels. Each region had a chance to compete in tournament battles, like Dance Contest, Find Four, Pizzatron, Card Jitsu, etc. The competition was super fun, everyone gets really into Olympics because everyone has that internalized motive to win. This year Team Cerberus won, claiming their earned bragging rights and permanent team role until the Summer 2021 Olympics. Overall, it was a great time and we hit decent sizes for the end of December. It was a wholesome way to end the year and the Flash era, with staff and troops working together to accomplish a shared goal. I’m still salty my team came in third though. SERPENTINE SLAYS

Amidst the closure of Adobe Flash and the uncertainty of armies next step, the Rebel Penguin Federation had a fun week. Team Cerberus had taken an overall victory within the Olympics, asserting themselves as champions. WIll team Cerberus return? Will there be another Olympics hosted in the future?

What do YOU think? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation host yet another seasonal Olympics? Comment your thoughts in the comments below!




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