S/M Top Ten Armies [12/27/20-1/2/21]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – With this being the first small-medium top ten of the year and the last top ten of the flash era, how did the small-medium armies place?

↑ 1. Red Ravagers [29.33]

↑ 2. Clown Rebellion [25.50]

↑ 3. Golden Troops [23.00]

4. Fighter Pilots [21.53]

[NEW!] 5. Cries Cult [20.50]

↑ 6. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [20.38]

↑ 7. Dark Champions [15.33]

[NEW!] 8. Fire Warriors [13.50]

↑ 9. One Direction Army [10.50]

↓ 10. Crimson Guardians [8.50] 

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1. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers had an exciting week with a total of four events. Their first event of the week was a Ravvy triathlon in which they saw a total of 12 ravagers in attendance. Their next event was a Flash funeral event. This was a joint event with BBMF and together they maxed an astonishing 37 troops. The Ravagers then held a practice battle against the Ice Warriors and were able to max 13 penguins. They ended off their week with an event on CP Chapter 2. They were able to get a total of 14 troops in attendance for this event

2. Clown Rebellion: The Clown Rebellion held two events this week, the first being a hide-and-seek on CP Rewritten which saw a size of 14. Their second event was also their final shutdown event, and it saw 21 troops in attendance to bid the army goodbye.

3. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops had a simple week with 3 events. They started off with a joint event with the Fighter Pilots and the One Direction Army, maxing 19. They then held a Flash funeral event peaking at 7 troops. The army ended then ended the week participating in a Colors War event against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, maxing 15.

4. Fighter Pilots: Fighter Pilots held three events this week, kicking off with a bang as they maxed 12 penguins in their practice battle against Water Ninjas. Their next event on Tuesday saw the pilots join One Direction Army and Golden Troops, hitting 19 troops online. This was followed the next day by their biggest max of the week, with 37 logging on for their joint event with their BBMF allies as they bid farewell to Flash.

5. Cries Cult: The Cries Cult waddled through three events this week. First, to commemorate the end of Flash, they hosted an event maxing 20. Next, they held a Christmas tree themed event on the Box Critters CPPS, maxing 11. To finish off their quaint week, the cult hosted a fun breaking games challenge event maxing 6.

6. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: The Recon Federation’s final week of 2020 was quiet, with just two events. The first was an exciting ‘Color Wars Battle’ that saw 13 in attendance against the Golden Troops. The second as a ‘2020 is Over Party’, in which they hit a peak of 8.

7. Dark Champions: The Dark Champions held three events. They started with their Color Wars round one, held by CPAWL. They maxed at 8 troops. Their next event of the week was the last flash event, peaking at 7 troops. The final event was their first ever HTML5 event, which had 7 troop in attendance.

8. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors had a silent week, only hosting one event. They held a “Death of Flash” event, maxing a total of 10.

9. One Direction Army: To finish off the year, One Direction Army held only one event this week. They had a joint event with the Fighter Pilots and the Golden Troops, which had 19 penguins in attendance.

10. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians only had one event this week. They faced off in CP Army Warfare League Color Wars battle against the Moscow Federation where they took the victory and saw a size of 5.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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