Top Ten Armies [12/27/20-1/2/21]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The first Top Ten Armies of 2021 is here, but how did the major armies fare?

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation [104.31]

2. Ice Warriors [92.78]

3. Army of Club Penguin [88.12]

 4. Help Force [85.50]

5. Water Vikings [57.55]

6. Special Weapons and Tactics [53.87]

7. Doritos [52.50]

8. Water Ninjas [49.25]

 9. Silver Empire [41.61]

10. Templars [34.50]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a jaw-dropping 11 events this week featuring their exciting Winter Olympics. Sunday saw 44 Rebels log on for an AUSIA dance contest competition. Afterward, their EU Division had a card jitsu tournament, maxing 61. To conclude the day, the Federation held yet another card jitsu tournament for their U.S. troops, achieving a size of 72. Monday proceeded in a similar fashion, with 50 Rebels in attendance at an AUSIA sled racing tournament, a max of 63 at their EU sled racing tournament, and finally a US pizza event which peaked at 62 penguins. The following day, the Rebel Penguin Federation held an AUSIA Pizzatron 3000 competition, this time with 43 chefs vying for the gold medal. Immediately after, they had an EU Find Four tournament, maxing 69. Nearing the end of their Winter Olympics, 74 Rebels logged on for their final tournament, a US Find Four competition. Finally, Wednesday saw the Federation’s last AUSIA Flash event, peaking at a size of 49 as troops logged onto CP Rewritten to reminsce memories made in the Flash era. To end their week, they held a closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics, celebrating Team Cerberus’ win and simultaneously hitting a size of 73 Rebels. With New Years celebrations just around the corner, the rest of the Federation’s week featured some fun activities, ending 2020 in good fashion.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held 6 events this week. On the 27th, the Warriors held an AUSIA training and car themed event maxing 44, then a Color Wars battle against the Water Vikings with sizes up to 59. The following day the frozen Warriors held a Civil War battle, reaching 58 penguins online. On the last full day of Flash they held multiple division battles for all regions, maxing 47, 48, and 70 respectively.

3. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin held ten events in the last week of Flash. On Sunday, the Clovers first held a Color Wars Battle against the Templars with 35 troops in attendance, followed by the invasion of Cozy against SWAT, which saw an amazing max of 66 troops. The next day, the Army of CP logged on bright and early for an AUSIA invasion, peaking at 42. Just a couple hours later, they invaded yet another server, with 54 Clovers online. On Tuesday, the Army of CP first held a fun Capture the Flag event with 36 AUSIA troops, and a few hours later, they showed a max of 48 troops at the defense of Avalanche against SWAT. The AUSIA invasion of Lucky on Wednesday showed a peak of 31 troops, which was followed by the invasion of Nevisca with 60 Clovers in attendance. Their final AUSIA event counted 35 troops during the invasion of Mittens. To round off a busy week filled with invasions, the Army of CP held a fun goodbye Flash event on CPRewritten with a total of 61 Clovers.

4. Help ForceThe Help Force only held one event this week, a Final Flash Showdown event with an astonishing max of 121 helpers online.

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings held a total of six events this week. They started their week with an AUSIA practice battle against the Ice Warriors’ divisions where they maxed 15. Following this, the Vikings had their first event on CPC2 with 26 troops in attendance. The third event they held this week was a Gala where they achieved a max of 30. They continued their week with another practice battle against the Ice Warriors’ divisions, this time maxing 28. The Vikings then celebrated their 10 year anniversary with an event that had an admirable max of 48. Finishing off their week they had a Color Wars tournament versus the Ice Warriors where they peaked at a size of 21.

6. Special Weapons and Tactics: This week was very eventful for the Special Weapons and Tactics army as the Flash Nemesis war was in full force. They began their week with the defence of Cozy and were able to max 24 troops. SWAT then had two more battles the next day. They had an AUSIA defence of the server Hockey, in which they maxed 18 members and then defended Avalanche later that day. They were able to get a total of 27 penguins to assist with the defence of Avalanche. SWAT continued their week with the invasion of Avalanche where they were able to max a total of 35 troops. They also held their winter ball during US timing that same day and had 23 penguins in attendance. SWAT ended off their week with an AUSIA defence of Lucky with a max of 7 troops.

7. DoritosThe Doritos had a quiet week, with only one event. They held a UK “End of Flash” event, where they peaked at 44 troops.

8. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas held a total of four events this week. They started off their week strong with a practice battle against the Fighter Pilots on Sunday in which they won with 20 troops in attendance. The following day, the Ninjas hosted a Civil War between their leaders and everyone else with a peak of 23. On Tuesday, the Water Ninjas held a Training event along with a Cursed Kahoot with 26 ninjas online. Finishing off their week with a blast, the Ninjas hosted a Winter Awards event on the last day of CP Armies with a grand total of 48 troops.

9. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire held five events this week. On Monday they hosted a Card Jitsu Water tournament, where they maxed 17 penguins. For Tuesday’s event, they logged on to bid farewell to Flash and maxed 17 once again. On Wednesday the Empire held a battle between their divisions, in which they reached a total of 15 penguins online. The next day on Thursday they once again maxed 15 at an AUSIA Sled Racing tournament. For their last event of the week, the Silver army achieved as many as 19 penguins online for a Find Four tournament.

10. Templars: The Templars held just one event this week, a war training with 30 penguins in attendance.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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