When Will CP Rewritten’s HTML5 Game Launch?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Following the end of Flash, Club Penguin Rewritten has stopped working. However, not all is lost as an HTML5 version of CPR is currently underway. When will it be released?

Club Penguin Rewritten was a popularly used CPPS amongst the army community until it stopped working due to the end of Flash, leaving many armies without a CPPS to host events on. Although Club Penguin Chapter 2 is being explored as a possible option to use, many prefer and are waiting for the HTML5 version of CPR.

Community poll about which HTML5 CPPS they prefer, click to enlarge

Besides HTML5, there are also many CPPS which are shifting towards downloadable clients such as Super CP and New CP. However, as another community poll displayed, the majority of the community preferred the HTML5 version of Club Penguin over downloadable clients due to troops being concerned about their safety.

Community poll asking which version of Club Penguin they prefer, click to enlarge

Club Penguin Rewritten went under maintenance on December 31st to transfer over all the data from their Flash version to their HTML5 version. On January 2nd, they released their Alpha testing of the HTML5 client for the community to test and report any and all bugs in the bugs section of their discord server. In a blog post made by Stu, he released a great deal of information about the new HTML5 version of CPR. One of the biggest changes now is the ability to play on Mobile phones. An announcement on their Twitter also mentioned that the game will be available for everyone sometime in the month of January.

However, the big question remains: will they be able to release it on time? Club Penguin Rewritten is infamous for delaying parties beyond their announced time and on some occasions even completely scrapping the party as was done with Operation Swarm. This leaves the following question: will CPR be able to release the game in January as promised, or are we yet to see even more delay?

Cancellation of Operation Swarm, click to enlarge

With the HTML5 version of the game hopefully becoming available soon, the future of armies is looking promising. However, the following questions remain: will we see the HTML5 version anytime soon, or will it be delayed? What lies next for the future of the army community?

What do YOU think? Will CPR be able to release their HTML5 version on time? Let us know in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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