Latest Wave Of Viking Leaders Announced: Superhero123 and Adden

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Vikings Empire – Following the recent return of Zoomey, two new faces have also rejoined the Water Vikings leadership only a week later. What exactly led to this sudden decision?

Superhero123 started his career in February 2013 in the Hot Sauce Army before leaving after just one event. In summer of the same year, he was then recruited into the Shadow Troops where he ranked up to a moderator position before retiring once more. He then went on to make his own army named the Smart Penguins which had one of the strongest AUSIA divisions ever seen in the year of 2014. The Smart Penguins went on to win an AUSIA tournament for S/M armies called the Continental Cup.

He also held a Third in Command position with the Ice Warriors for a brief period of time and led their AUSIA division. To add on to all this, Superhero123 also led multiple other armies such as the Hawks and the Shadow Penguin Force. Some of Super’s achievements include when he led the Green Mercenaries to high spots on the CP Army Central Major Top Ten. For his many efforts and countless achievements, including the creation of CP Armies: The Game, Superhero123 also earned the title of CPA Legend.

Smart Penguins Continental Cup trophy

Adden started his army career in June of 2014 with the Army of Club Penguin, ranking up to Sergeant. The same year in September, he joined the Golden Troops with his previous rank and eventually worked his way up to a Fourth in Command position. A month later, Adden joined the Water Vikings where he climbed up to the rank of leader. He then led the army into the Legends Cup finals twice.

Around a year and a half later, he went on to lead the Romans in early 2016. Adden also joined the staff team at the Dark Warriors as a Fourth in Command. Overall, one of Adden’s most notable achievements include leading the Vikings to their highest max ever during the Eagre Foray war.

Legends Cup VI, RPF vs. WV in the finals

On January 4th, both Superhero123 and Adden announced their entrance to the Water Vikings leadership. In his announcement, Adden explained that his schedule had cleared up, leaving him with the time needed to lead the army. On the other hand, following his ascent to the position of Viking Commander, Super expressed great excitement within his announcement.

Adden’s announcement, click to enlarge

Superhero123’s announcement, click to enlarge

However, shortly after the army gained two new leaders, Viking Commander Guncotton announced that he would step down to the position of Second in Command. Guncotton explained that with the new addition of Adden and Superhero123 to the Water Vikings leadership, the army wouldn’t face any problems with him stepping down.

Guncotton’s announcement, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub staff reached out to Super and Adden for an exclusive interview regarding their new positions as Viking Commanders.

What made you join the Water Vikings leadership?

Adden: It’s my home army that’s always had a place in my heart, I couldn’t really see myself being anywhere else.

Super: Its a combination of factors really. The second lockdown in my country gave me extra time locked inside to spend. I also always wanted to lead a major army, since I never had the chance so far in my career, I only led medium armies. Lastly, I want to help the other leaders into strengthening the army I have supported since June.

What do you hope to bring to the Water Vikings as a leader?

Adden: The current leadership is one that breathes potential and it is already showing, so I’m hoping that my experience with prior successful gens can serve as a bridge to help out in our path to the top.

Super: Help boost sizes, especially in AUSIA division, and also provide assistance in diplomatic affairs, something I have a lot of experience with.

How do you think the Vikings will fare now that Flash is no longer supported?

Adden: There’ll be the obvious learning curve, as there is with everything. I have full faith in our team though and I look forward to getting over this obstacle together.

Super: We will find solutions, there are HTML5 servers already active which will keep getting better and better.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Adden: Uhhh Fear the Wave:wv:

Super: FEAR THE WAVE! (also guncotton stinks) :wv:

Super and Adden have both had much experience within the army community, and both seem enthusiastic to bring new life to the Water Vikings. However, with Flash’s end and Guncotton’s step down, will the two leaders be able to accomplish all that they hope for? What lies next for the Water Vikings?

What do YOU think? Will these new leaders bring their dreams into reality? Or will they fall short? Let us know in the comments down below!


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CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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