The Story Behind The Name: Spotty

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of “The Story Behind the Name”, written by Reporter Reeeeee. Each week we reach out to a notable member of the army community to learn the real meaning behind their name. Today we spoke to Spotty, one of CP Army Hub’s Head Judges and the leader of the Elites. What was the reasoning behind Spotty’s username choice?

Spotty first joined armies in the summer of 2018 where she briefly enlisted in the Rebel Penguin Federation. After leaving the Rebels, Spotty went on to lead the Help Force from January 2019 until February 2020 when she retired. After retiring, Spotty joined the Dark Warriors, leading them from August until December. Currently, Spotty leads the Elites and is one of CP Army Hub’s Moderators and Head Judges.

The Elites revival event under Spotty’s leadership.

After gazing at the cows, CP Army Hub team was able to get an exclusive interview with Spotty regarding her online user choice.

What drove you to choose the username Spotty?

So actually in original Club Penguin my brother just made loads of accounts called Spotty with numbers idk why. So I just decided to use Spotty803 and then sorta just stuck with it as I got membership and items on that account. However people did sometimes think I was a boy due to the name. I kept to Spotty when I joined cpr and cpo as it would’ve felt weird having an account with a different username seeing as on cp I was always Spotty, and now I’m so used to being called Spotty and tbh it would be weird to be called something else now.

Have you ever thought of using the other Spotty numbers accounts?

Honestly no, since the start I’ve been Spotty803 and eventually on cparmies etc I’ve ditched the numbers and just used Spotty. I feel like it would be weird to use any other numbers as I’ve always used 803, and ngl i’d probably end up forgetting if I changed numbers.

What is the worst misspelling of Spotty that you’ve seen?

Oh god there’s definitely been a lot of misspellings. The most common one I’d say is Spotify and people are like “Oh Spotify is listening to Spotify” and probably Spottyfy is the second most common misspelling. Spelling mistakes sometimes can be quite interesting and entertaining.

If you had to pick a favorite memory including your name, what would it be?

It would probably be in Help Force in 2019. I was in a vc and someone jokingly said I sounded like a cow, and bc I had the name Spotty, the name SpottyCow was born. Since then there’s been a mutliple Cow Takeover events and a lot of SpottyCow emotes. 🐮

It seems that Spotty has quite some interesting stories with her name including many funny variations such as SpottyCow and Spottyfy. These are wonderful memories that have stuck with her for a long time. After discovering Spotty’s reasoning behind her name, what was the reasoning behind your username? What important moments do you have with your name? 

What do YOU think? How do you feel about Spotty’s username choice? Who should be interviewed next? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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