Fan Art: The Louvre of Club Penguin Armies

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, The Art Department – In the Louvre of Club Penguin Armies, CP Army Hub showcases some of the best fan art pieces from the army community!

The art channels of army Discord’s, although often overlooked, are always filled with amazing works of art. From comics to cookies to even website banners, the army community always proves that there is a plethora of creativity around, even when we don’t actively acknowledge it.

Fan art always comes from a place of love, which we will be able to see in the following drawings and edits, all made by members of the community. The Louvre of Club Penguin will present to you some of the standout pieces. Enjoy!

First up, we have this amazing digitally drawn piece from Minidynamo, representing the Ice Warriors. The digital artwork shows her with the beloved retired Ice Warriors’ leader Shinde.

Minidynamo and Shinde from the Ice Warriors, drawn digitally by Minidynamo

Fan art also often showcases the spirit and loyalty for one’s army. For example, here we have wonderful, even calligraphic artwork from the Red Ravagers, created by their troop Tea.

Calligraphy from Tea, showing off the Ravvy spirit

Next, we have a funny penguin comic from Aj, a dedicated troop of the Pizza Federation. The comic highlights how important sticking together is for the community. For Aj, home is where the pizza is.

Pizza chef inspired comic from Aj

Fan art can come in many shapes and sizes, and in this case, can even take form as a Christmas cookie! This hilarious poggle was created by Bri. Who could’ve known that Puffles can look that appetizing?

Bri’s poggle Christmas cookie

To represent the Rebel Penguin Federation, here is Toia‘s amazing “Fight The Good Fight” comic, in it’s December issue! Pictured we have two rebels, celebrating their Christmas Chaos X tournament win!

The FTGF comic from Toia

Moving on to some less traditional fan art, we would also like to present you with the talents of CP Army Hub’s Graphic Designer Maxine! Although made as practice, the unofficial header for the army of Special Weapons and Tactics looks stunning and definitely deserves a spot in the Penguin Louvre!

Maxine’s unofficial header for SWAT

To round off this incredible exhibition, we have a New Year’s edit from the Fighter Pilots! Made by their devoted troop Darth, the artwork pictures penguins celebrating the New Year in front of the dojo. Happy New Year!

New Years’ wishes from the Fighter Pilots

As you can see in the Louvre of Club Penguin Armies, fan art shares the admiration and the love present in the community. We clearly see the friendships and the love for this bizarre shared experience of armies on a game as innocent as Club Penguin.

What do YOU think? Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!

🌈 Kally 

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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