Do You Know Your Duo? with Crazzy and Cosmo

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Hello and welcome to the first edition of the newest Friday weekly column, “Do You Know Your Duo?”, written by Reporter Trainee Ferdthebird1! In this column, we reach out to two army co-leaders or close friends and find out who really knows the other one better! Today’s edition will be featuring none other than Crazzy and Cosmo, co-leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Crazzy and Cosmo are both exceptionally well-known for leading the Rebel Penguin Federation and have been given the title of RPF Icons. Under their record-breaking leadership, the Rebel Penguin Federation has seen a dream year and generation, placing first on CP Army Hub Top Ten for twenty weeks straight, winning all four major CP Army Hub tournaments, and earning the CP Army Hub Best Army title in the process! In fact, the Rebel Penguin Federation has gone undefeated since January 2020.

With such a successful co-leadership career, it is almost certain that Crazzy and Cosmo know each other better than anyone else. However, which one of the two truly knows the other better? It’s time to find out!

What was your first impression on seeing each other for the first time?

Cosmo: I would say that talking to Crazzy was always nice, and as a leader a lot of relevant HCOM always seemed to agree that Crazzy was set to be leader, she’s just quite natural at this simply put.

Crazzy: I knew Cosmo when I just a troop and he was a vet hanging out in RPF. Eventually he rejoined for 4ic and we were both mods, then HCOM together. Overall though, I always thought Cosmo was funny and chill.

What is one adjective you can always use for each other and why?

Cosmo: One thing I can always count on Crazzy for is handling CPA relations, even as a 2ic Crazzy would be a very great asset in handling foreign relations and she has helped us countless times. Also keeping in mind that Crazzy is a very influential CPA figure – it’s no surprise she’s able to handle RPF’s foreign relations and she handles them well.

Crazzy: Reliable. I can always rely on Cosmo to help me out or cheer me up when I need it.

What is one hilarious thing your co-leader has done?

Cosmo: Crazzy has done a lot of hilarious things but something I find funny in particular are her responses in our suggestions channel, some are just extremely hilarious.

Crazzy: Definitely the time where he spilt his drink all over his keyboard during a VC training. All you heard was Cosmo say “Oh f*ck…”, followed by radio silence. I remember I unmuted my mic to break the silence and ask if he’s okay, then all HCOM unmuted their mics and started laughing. That’s a memory troops and staff still joke about now.

What is one title you would give to each other and why?

Cosmo: The title given to her by CPAH with Person of The Year, the “Undefeated Rebel” is pretty much accurate.

Crazzy: I’d give Cosmo the title of being underrated. He works so hard for RPF and the community and it’s not always recognized. I appreciate the loyal dedication he has to RPF for years, and how he always has my back. Cosmo is very reliable, and always has RPF’s best interest while making important decisions.

The duo seem to know each other very well, which also reflects in their leadership decisions and successes. Together, Cosmo and Crazzy have created history as they continue to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation through challenges and milestones. It will certainly be interesting to watch how the army continues to grow under the leadership of the two!

What do YOU think? Who amongst the two knows the other better? What beholds them and the Rebel Penguin Federation in the future? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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