Weekly Army Recap [1/2/20-1/9/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The first week of January witnesses a surge in fun events as armies navigate a world without Flash.

Due to the uncertainty of the CPPS situation, there is no Top Ten this week. Army recaps are listed in alphabetical order.

Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a fun-filled week with lots of gaming events. They began their week with a CPR event to test the new HTML client. They held a Spanish lesson and karaoke that same day as well. On Monday, the Clovers had a storytime and karaoke once again. They continued their week with an exciting album listening party and a Roblox event. ACP kept it calm on Wednesday with just a Skribbl.io event. To conclude their week, they had an abundance of events which included; Minecraft, Skribbl.io, and a movie night.

Doritos: The Doritos had a relaxed week, holding multiple game events throughout the week. On Monday, they put their drawing skills to the test, in a skribbl.io event. The next day, they held a Doritos trivia event. On Wednesday, they played Among Us. The following day, they brought their crafting skills to a fun-filled Minecraft Building Challenge event. On Friday, they played a game of Wisecracks. For their final event of the week, on Saturday, they played Broken Picture Phone.

Elites: The Elites had a busy week, hosting six events. They kicked off their week with three Jackbox events from the 2nd to the 5th. After their final Jackbox event, the Elites held an HTML5 Kickoff event where they maxed 17 troops. They continued their week by hosting a Skribbl.io event. The Elites concluded their week with a training event where they saw 16 penguins in attendance.

Fighter Pilots: Fighter Pilots held two events on Club Penguin this week. They started the week off with their first tactic practice of the year, with 10 troops in attendance. They finished the week off with a dance competition, where they maxed 13.

Golden Troops: The Golden Troops had a serene week, with only one event taking place. On Friday, they hosted an emote event, maxing seven troops.

Help ForceThe Help Force held three Club Penguin events this week. For their first event, the Force logged on to Club Penguin Chapter 2 with over 44 helpers to test out the game. Their second event was an AUSIA army training event on Saturday with 35 troops total. Their third event was a US training, seeing a total of 25 Helpers in attendance. Over the course of the week, they also held a plethora of fun events. On Monday, they enjoyed a game of Quizizz, while Tuesday was jam-packed with a Skribbl round, meme contest, and another Quizizz session. Wednesday and Thursday brought more Skribbl games to life, while Friday offered the Helpers a plethora of options such as a movie night, story writing competition, and Skribbl. To conclude their week, the Help Force hosted a Find the Room fun event on Club Penguin Chapter 2.

One Direction Army: The One Direction Army hosted a few events this past week. To begin their week, they hosted a Murder Mystery game; hosting a total of 9 participants. Their second, and final event saw a basic Training Event, maxing a total of 5 attendees.

Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation hosted two non-Club Penguin events this week. First, on Wednesday, they played together on Roblox Royale High for a US event. The next day, Thursday, they held another US event, and this time played Among Us.

Rebel Penguin Federation: With the closure of Flash, the Rebel Penguin Federation both looked to test HTML5 servers as well as enjoy a variety of fun events. On Sunday, they hosted a Sketchful.io event, with troops showing off their best artistic abilities, while Monday saw a riveting game of Among Us. On Tuesday, the Rebels logged onto Club Penguin: Chapter 2 for a stress test and split up into two groups. Altogether they were able to max an astounding 63 troops. Following that, the Federation held a game of hide-and-seek on CPChapter2, finishing up with a size of 51 people in attendance. To conclude their week, they held another fun game of Among Us on Saturday.

Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation started their week with a Snowman building contest, maxing 7 troops in total. Afterward, they played a fun game of Find Four, seeing 7 competitors in total. In continuance with their fun events, the Federation hosted a Jackbox event and achieved a size of 10, before logging on for a training event, maxing 11. To conclude their week, 6 troops enjoyed a fun game of Among Us.

Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers held two events this week. The Ravagers started their week with a U-Lead where they maxed 8 penguins. To finish the week, the Ravagers held a US Training event where they maxed 6 attendees.

Special Weapons and Tactics: The Special Weapons and Tactics started their week on Sunday, with a fun Jackbox event. Later in the week, they hosted a Skribbl.io event. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA training event, where they reached a max of 23. For their final event, on Saturday, they held another training event, this time peaking at 20.

TemplarsThe Templars had an Arsenal tournament on Monday with a max of 24. The following day, they played Flood Escape on Roblox with 22 troops in attendance. Wednesday saw 23 people enjoy a delightful pizza delivery game and voice chat. To conclude their week, the Templars played Arsenal two more times, with 25 and 24 people respectively joining in on the fun.

Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas had a very fun-filled week. To kick off the week they hosted an EU Broken Picturephone game night. Next, they held a talk show with Dr. Queen, again during EU times. They then tested their troops’ musical knowledge by hosting a fun music Kahoot quiz. To finish off the week, everyone showed off their vocal talent in an entertaining karaoke night.

Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had a decently eventful week with a total of four events. Their first event of the week was a golden guardians event which saw a peak of 16 troops. They followed by choosing to sharpen their tactics and formations in a training event, which had 19 troops in attendance. They then tested their troops’ linguistic abilities in a Water Vikings spelling bee contest. They ended the week off doing tasks, during an enjoyable Among Us event.


What kinds of events did your army host this week? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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