If Armies Were Sit-com Characters

Alaska, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The pandemic has made many of us have to stay at home and have extra time on our hands. A way to occupy that time can be spent binge-watching our favorite sitcoms. This week, CP Army Hub staff has decided to answer the question: What if armies were sitcom characters?

Army of Club Penguin: Raymond Holt from Brooklyn 99 

Raymond Holt is the captain of the 99th precinct of the NYPD and is known for being hardworking, professional, and a trailblazer. While he’s feared by some, when you really get to know him he has a warm side and a good sense of humor. The Army of Club Penguin shares Captain Holt’s qualities in that they have worked hard to get where they are at, they stand by strongly for what they believe in. To go along with their multiple championships wins, we have seen many of their members get inducted as CP Army Legends. Joining Koloway, CSY is the latest of Clover leaders inducted to the highest honor within Club Penguin Armies for their professional behavior. 

Rebel Penguin Federation: Oliver Queen from Arrow

Is Oliver Queen dead? All the reason's we loved the Green Arrow – Film Daily

Of the many things that Oliver Queen accomplishes on the show Arrow, the most notable comes when he is stabbed, then surprisingly survives and overcomes this setback. The Rebel Penguin Federation has similarly been able to come over their own setbacks. One setback being when CP Army Legend, Elmikey was on their throne of leadership. Rumor has it that Elmikey was not the kindest to his troops and the morale went down as a result. This set back that the Rebels went through during his leadership was a time for them to grow and get better. 

Special Weapons and Tactics: G.O.B (George Bluth) from Arrested Development 

G.O.B. is known for constantly getting himself into problems and is oblivious as to why he gets into them. Similarly, SWAT has a history of getting themselves into controversy, as we most recently saw in their war with the Pizza Federation as well as the Army of Club Penguin. However, despite his flaws, G.O.B always ends up being okay and supported by his family, just as SWAT continues to succeed in overcoming their adversity. Time and time again, proving to the community that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Red Ravagers: Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation

Leslie Knope is notoriously known for working non-stop until she achieves what she wants. Despite working tirelessly, she always has a positive attitude and is there to help her co-workers and friends out. Likewise, Red Ravagers have proven to be busy-bees by constantly holding events and placing in the Top 10 back-to-back for several weeks. Just like Leslie, they always have their allies’ backs as well. The Ravagers can be seen on the battlefield along with their fellow allies, proving their loyalty over and over just as Leslie would with the city of Pawnee. 

Ice Warriors: Jim Halpert from The Office


In The Office, salesman Jim Halpert has one purpose, besides flirting with Pam and leading all of us on for the first half of the show. That purpose is to do anything in his power to not only make his day a little more interesting but to annoy the living daylights out of fellow salesman and Beet enthusiast, Dwight K. Schrute. Throughout the show, we have seen the duo fire several shots at each other and even a full out war breaks out between the two of them, going as far as mutual impersonations. The Ice Warriors have seen their own sets of disputes with the Doritos of Club Penguin. With lots of wars, and harsh words said between the two of them, it seems the motives were similar to Jim. 

Doritos of Club Penguin: Dwight Schrute from The Office

In response to the actions brought forth by Jim Halpert, viewers have the chance to see Dwight Schrute react to the things that are done to him by Jim. To much of our surprise, Dwight will either react as if the world is coming to an end by Jim’s antics, or he goes to all ends of the earth to get revenge on Jim, it seems as if the Doritos do the same in response to the antics of the Ice Warriors. 

Fighter Pilots: Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Alexis Rose, a former New York socialite who now lives in a dinky town far away from her sparkling city due to her family becoming bankrupt. Fighter Pilots share a similar story in that the army was born as a result of the closure of the Golds Empire, with its’ troops looking for a new home. Despite Alexis having to become accustomed to small-town life, she ends up succeeding and being happy just as Fighter Pilots have, placing consistently on the S/M Top 10 and making their presence known in the community. 

Although the pandemic is seeing some light in terms of relief, it appears that we are far from over with this virus. With the continuation of this virus, we have more and more time to binge watch our favourite shows and further compare the characters to the armies we all know and love.

What do YOU think? What other sitcom characters would you compare these armies to? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter



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