Club Penguin Army Hub Internet Archives

The Club Penguin Army Hub organization finally came to an end on 31st January 2021. Which was followed by another short period of running in June 2021 (now closed).

As of July 12th 2021, the recovery process has been completed, and moreover, the website of Club Penguin Army Hub has been archived and its ownership has been transferred to a common WordPress account held by the founders of CP Army Hub.

We would like to thank former CEOs, board members, Advisors and all the staff members who were once a part of this great project. Let us always remember, that in wake of unprecedented division in the community, it was CP Army Hub that became the beacon of unification.

Furthermore, CP Army Media and CP Army League will always live in our memories for their respective roles in formation of CP Army Hub, and their efforts to unite this community by merging into each other and giving birth to this great organization.


In Loving Memory

June 2020 – January 2021