Welcome to the CP Army Hub!

CPAH stands for Club Penguin Army Hub. We are a universal organisation that covers news related to every army in the community. This means that, regardless of league, we include all armies in our Top Ten and news coverage. CPAH also hosts tournaments which armies can volunteer to participate in but are in no way required to do so. Finally, we provide a list of servers that armies can invade in an optional league.


The staff included in this list are in charge of the operation and running of CP Army Hub, including both the functioning of the site and league. Staff is rewarded with promotions to positions of higher responsibility based on their previous media experience and their continued contribution to the success of the website. The people who run the site are a set of dedicated individuals that strive to ensure quality and balanced news reporting.

Administrative Staff:

The staff included in this list are in charge of the operation and running of CP Army Hub, including both the functioning of the site and league. Staff is rewarded with promotions to positions of higher responsibility based on their previous media experience and their continued contribution to the success of the website. The people who run the site are a set of dedicated individuals that strive to ensure quality and balanced news reporting.

Chief Executive Officer

  • LuciferStar

Executive Producer

  • Max

Vice President

  • Sophie
  • Orange


  • Mehakk
  • Caramel

Associate Producer

  • Griffman
  • Kally


  • Crazzy
  • Mchappy
  • DMT
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Julia
  • Kingfunks4
  • Snork
  • Barney
  • Superhero123


  • Flen
  • Koloway

Team Members:

Our website is nothing without the main part of our team members. These reporters have been chosen as a result of their quality ability to write and their application to report on the news without bias in a timely fashion. Graphic designers help to make our site look as professional as possible.


  • ActionSpark
  • Baileybear
  • Coolguy
  • Myth
  • Frejya
  • Fusion
  • Kristina
  • Rah
  • Waddle
  • Colin
  • Reeeeee

Reporter Trainees

  • Flypin
  • Nik920
  • Potassium
  • Sebaschan
  • Vivala
  • Bakooks
  • Waddle6
  • Ferdthebird
  • Mare
  • Amber/Electrumm
  • FatChicken88

Graphic Designers

  • Haley
  • Maxine
  • Koloway
  • Cubby

Head Judges

  • Spotty
  • Lightningmcj
  • Sophie
  • Regan

Head Moderators

  • Crazzy
  • Shinde
  • Tsanami

Staff Duties:

To ensure that the site runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, each role at CP Army Hub has different responsibilities.

  • Chief Executive Officer / Executive Producer / Vice President: These members of staff are members of the CPAH Administration Team. They handle everything from army management, league decisions, overlooking other members of staff, and editing where necessary.
  • Editor-in-Chief: The EiC’s primary role is to edit and publish posts from reporters. They also must give feedback to reporters, handle inactivity, and manage the active topics available.
  • Associate Producer: The associate producer position acts as the ‘Head Reporter’, so we encourage AP’s to post special posts and undercover editorials. They must also give feedback to reporters.
  • Reporter / Reporter Trainee: Reporters need to report on the latest news, battles and developments in our community in a timely fashion. Once a post is completed, they will ping an EiC to check over and edit.
  • Head Judges: Head Judges oversee the performance and activeness of judging team. They decide on who to hire as judge in training and are in charge of promoting them to judges. Head judges also sort out the judging team for tournaments, and own judging group chats to ensure battles run smoothly.
  • Head Moderators: Head moderators ensure that all moderators moderate the chat as appropriate. Head moderators also have the permissions to kick or ban users who consistently break the rules, a permission that regular moderators don’t have.
  • Moderators: Moderators oversee chat to keep the environment safe for all users. Mods also are great outlets for immediate assistance and answering questions.
  • Advisor: Advisors are specially chosen community members who help with some decisions that Administration makes. Advisors also help with things such as the planning of tournaments and Army Representative chat proposal.
  • Developer: Developers are core team members that keep CP Army Hub running smooth. From helping with Discord bots to helping with how our site looks, these team members truly can do it all.

Hall of Fame:

The CP Army Hub Founders

Ordered alphabetically. 

  • 32op
  • Ayan
  • Eden
  • Emcee
  • Flen
  • Koloway
  • LuciferStar
  • Max
  • Mehakk
  • Pookie
  • Zamb


LuciferStar has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since the creation of the Army Hub, which he significantly contributed towards as a founding member. His staff describe him as extremely hardworking, compassionate and professional, just three of his many qualities that have allowed him to thrive as the figurehead of the community. He has earned the respect and trust from the army community, making him the perfect man to lead the united league into 2021. His fantastic work at the Army Hub resulted in a 2020 army legend nomination, and he picked up the ‘Report of the Summer’ award for his fascinating editorial, “Is this really just a game?”. The same article stole second place on the ‘Top Ten Posts of 2020’, and is a strong testament to his talents as a writer.


Pookie437 is one of the founding members of CP Army Hub, and held the Chief Executive Officer position from its creation in July until December 2020. He worked tirelessly to help establish the organisation as the community’s most dominant, and arguably most successful ever. He was known for his larger-than-life personality and talent in managing the political nature of running a prosperous league. He was instrumental in securing a post-flash partnership with the HTML CPPS CPChapter2, which is set to offer armies a new hope in 2021. He managed to secure a legend nomination and the ‘Best CEO’ award at the End of Summer Awards, both of which were a testament to his efforts in the organisation.


Max was part of the original administration of CP Army Hub, assuming the position of Executive Producer after joining from the administration of CP Army Media. He served in this position under CEOs Pookie437 and LuciferStar through the rest of 2020, and continues to hold the position today. In this role, Max is known as one of the hardest workers, holding many roles and responsibilities for both the media and league aspects. Without his hard work, there is no doubt that CPAH would not have functioned as well as it did, and would have struggled to keep up with the demand and expectations of the community. Max was universally known as the ever-moving cogs that kept CP Army Hub operating. He was known to make numerous special reports, exposing several leaders and armies for multilogging – with his most notable post looking at the multilogging within the Pirates, which led to their exclusion from Legends Cup X, and ultimately their closure. These special reports were critical in stamping down on armies that attempted to flout the rules, and proved effective through 2020. All of this was on top of the day to day job as part of the administration, of which he played an important role when it came to decision making for the media and league.


Following his work as a founder in creating the CP Army Hub, Zamb served as an Executive Producer until his retirement in September. As a truly versatile asset, Zamb contributed immensely to the league as an administrator, graphic designer, and developer. He worked alongside Koloway to establish and manage the brand and graphics of CPAH, and he is credited for creating the map we know and love with Flen. His aptitude and love for design continued to shine through as he created CPAH’s first graphics tournament–the Overworked and Underpaid Graphics Tournament–which featured a multitude of talented designers. However, his work with the administration was equally, if not more impressive as his graphics, and his invaluable insight throughout the summer cannot be overlooked. The record-breaking 2020 Club Penguin Army Census was the product of his planning and hard work. Additionally, he contributed the fascinating “Behind the Lens” column and other special reports that gave light to his fantastic writing abilities. Even following his retirement, Zamb continued to assist the league with posts, graphics, and crucial insight and advice. Ultimately, Zamb played an undeniable and vital role leading up to CP Army Hub’s success.


Cassie joined the Army Hub for the Editor-in-Chief role, and was quickly promoted to the administration rank of Vice President following a fantastic display of work as a Reporting Head. She thrived as an administrator, helping the efficient running of the league with regular map updates. She was also influential in the reporting team, with her ‘Spill The Tea!” column becoming a much-loved fan-favorite. During her time, she also obtained the Head Judge position, and worked hard to help organise and maintain the judging team. She was the runner-up for ‘Best Administrator’ in the End of Summer Awards, while one of her biggest posts, “The CP Army 2020 Census Results” also achieved a placement in the ‘Top Ten Posts of 2020’ rankings.


Flen has arguably been CP Army Hub’s most important figure as he has worked extremely hard in maintaining the site on the primary private server we utilize, CPArmies. As the primary developer for CPArmies, he was able to fix the server from bug and raids a countless number of times, helping armies continue their events. With the website, he has done an excellent site in stabilizing it, rectifying its problems in many dire situations. Behind the scenes, Flen has done an excellent job keeping CPAH afloat, his programming skills have been vital for CPAH’s success and growth. Though his work can be overshadowed by the more public figures, his skill have paid off immensely for CPAH and he will be remembered as the organization’s most important developer.


Koloway has been with CP Army Hub since the beginning and has been essential to the success of the organization. In the early days, he was tasked with developing a brand in a short period of time and able to create all the graphics alongside Zamb to be ready for the launch. Over the year, he continues to provide CPAH with top quality graphics, always providing the website with graphics to go a long with the themes or created special awards. Outside of the graphics department, he has played a significant role in the organization and stability of the league, often voicing his opinions on key issues or helping the administration with innovated ideas. His diverse skillset has been vital to CPAH’s success.


Superhero123 provided CP Army Hub with its most significant asset: CP Armies: The Game. This CPPS was essential in uniting the community under one umbrella and provided CPAH with a platform with full control. His game was important in the early success of CPAH and though it got shut down, he was able to provide the code for the next game, CPArmies. As an experienced developer, Super was always able to come help in dire situations, when the game needed him. He was also able to assist in updating the game during different themed parties. His developing skills have been a huge asset to CPAH’s success and it is why he is not only a staff legend, but a CPA legend as well.

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