Top Ten Armies [5/11/19]

WILD ISLAND, Club Penguin Armies Offices- The army map ushers in a new wave of activity across the community, creating a competitive start for the first top ten on Club Penguin Armies.

1. Wild Ninjas [43.83]

2. Green Street Gang [40.76]

3. Pizza Federation [33.65]

4. Winged Hussars [32.23]

5. Lime Green Army [31.0]

6. Club Penguin Cofo [30.12]

7. Cherries of Club Penguin [30.0]

8. Asgard’s Vikings [29.0]

Full calculations can be seen here.  Questions about the top ten? Ask DMT (DMT#2752) on Discord.

**Error in spreadsheet: GSG had 5 events, giving them a score of 40.76, not 39.76.



1. Wild Ninjas

The Wild Ninjas sparked alive during the final day of the week to secure the pole position on the first top ten. Averaging 15 troops in an EU event, WN would go on to see sizes of 13 in an event to celebrate Mother’s Day.

2. Green Street Gang

The busiest army this week, the Green Street Gang rocketed their way into second place with a well rounded week.  The Gang invaded OldCP’s Blizzard on Tuesday, receiving a personal best of nine troops.  Two days later, they added Socket from rCPPS to their empire, while averaging six troops.  The next day, GSG had a preparation for their invasion of Avalancha, and saw sizes of eight troops online.  To end the week, GSG successfully invaded Avalancha, maxing five.

3. Pizza Federation

The Pizza Federation demonstrated their consistency this week.  Starting off with a training session that saw sizes of seven, PZF went into their invasion of Club Penguin Rewritten’s Blizzard.  The practice served them well, and they were able to invade the server successfully against Cofo, maxing seven, with impeccable tactics.

4. Winged Hussars

The Winged Hussars held two invasions to expand their empire.  First, they claimed Freeo off of FreePenguin while maxing five.  They stuck to claiming FreePenguin servers, and invaded Ice Paradise with seven troops.

5. Lime Green Army

Only opening two days ago, the Lime Green Army were able to squeeze in one event before the week ended.  LGA invaded Freeland, and maxed five while doing so successfully.

6. Cofo

Cofo had a very quiet week in size terms.  Starting off with an invasion of Pegas that saw sizes of four, they dropped a man in their next invasion of Sled on CP Pegasus, maxing three.  The conclusion of their week was sour, losing CPR’s Blizzard to the Pizza Federation, maxing five in a losing effort.


7. Cherries

The Cherries held two invasions of servers, and maxed five in both of them.  They merged together with Penguin Militia to form the Lime Green Army at the end of the week.

8. Asgard’s Vikings

The newest army to the community, Asgard’s Vikings, held a single event yesterday, where they maxed four troops.


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