Behind the Lens: How The Pirates Walked Their Own Plank

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – Since last week’s edition on the recurring plans to eradicate small-medium armies, today’s edition is a shorter, yet more recent archive. The Pirates are an army dating back as far as 2007.  Previously, the Pirates effortlessly maxed 100+ with all hands on deck, but as the private server shut down, the former Jolly Roger became shark bait. How did the Pirates fall after Club Penguin Online’s shutdown?

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Behind the Lens: The Failed Edict, Order 67

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Boiler Room – In the last edition of Behind the Lens, we looked back to the Army of Club Penguin’s past, where Cassius Brutus oversaw the army at their lowest time and was responsible for their rise to prominence before later being a victim of a coup de’tat. Today’s archives relate to a persisting issue in the CP Army Hub; that being the supposed “lack of representation from small armies”. Because of the army representative system, every army is given an equal say, but when there wasn’t, these armies were easily bullied by bigger powers. What was “Order 67”, and why were small-medium armies threatened by it?

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Behind the Lens: The Conspiracy of Cassius Brutus

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – After touching on recent history about Epic101’s rise and downfall in the CPPS era of Club Penguin armies, why not return to the topic of armies. The Army of Club Penguin may be known for being the first, but their status as an army magnate from the beginning to the end will be one that attests to its legendary status. Despite being an army known for its pacifist approach, Cassius Brutus was a significant leader who led the Army of CP from their slum period to world power. What was the legacy he left behind in the army that couped him?

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Behind The Lens: Suck It! Jesters Crude Comment

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters – Since the time Club Penguin armies began, to Disney’s initial shutdown, to present-day, this new original column, Behind the Lens will examine past events through media such as screenshots, trophies, battle pictures, etc. What better way can this column begin by reminiscing over a rivalry that made its impact on CPA for years: Doritos vs. Ice Warriors. The wars emerging on both sides resulted in a few individuals standing out as valiant leaders, malicious activities, and famously, rage posts fired by leader rivalries. How did Jester and Andrew24’s rivalry begin, and how did it affect the tensions between their respective armies?

Disclaimer: The following post contains strong language and sexual themes.

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