Highly Flammable? Sweater Heats Up Fire Warriors Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors’ Empire During this uncertain period, as several armies saw their respective leaders retire, Sweater, advisor to the Fire Warriors, broke the streak and joined their leadership. What led to this decision, and what does he hope to accomplish?

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How YOUR Army Is Celebrating The Holiday Season?

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters – As CP Army Hub wishes you a very Merry Christmas, we take a look at what the armies of this community are doing to celebrate the holiday season. What is YOUR army doing this year?

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Oagalthorp World Records: 2020 Edition Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – It’s almost Christmas, and there’s perhaps a no better time to release the results of the Oagalthorp World Records: 2020 Edition. With submissions coming to a close, what were the final results? Continue reading

Christmas @ CPAH: Candy Cane Hunt Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters- The announcement came out about CPAH’s first ever Candy Cane Hunt a couple days ago, and now we come to your with the results of this hunt. Who will our lucky winners be?

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The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Six Sees SWAT Even the Score

HOCKEY, Battleground – As the Weapons and Toppings war rages on, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Hockey. What was the outcome of this exciting battle? Continue reading

Regan Bids Farewell to Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – As the community advances further into the holiday season, the Ice Warriors witness the retirement of Regan as he resigns from his leadership position. What was the reason behind this major retirement?

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Help Force Wins Aces of AUSIA Tournament

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Just over a month after the first-of-its-kind Aces of AUSIA tournament was announced, the results are in! But the question is: which army’s AUSIA division came out on top? 

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The End of Year Gala

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters: As we near the end of what has been a tumultuous year, we at CP Army Hub are pleased to invite you all to CPArmies’ final community-wide Flash event, The End of Year Gala.

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Island Invaders Sail to SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Island Invaders Empire – Just over a month after their revival, the Island Invaders have announced their plans to merge into the Special Weapons and Tactics. Why the sudden decision to merge?

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The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Five Sees SWAT Claim Second Victory

AVALANCHE, Battleground – On the fifth day of the Weapons and Toppings war, we saw Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Avalanche. From these two strong armies, who came out victorious?

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