Leader Life Stories: Semi, Water Ninjas Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Water Ninjas Empire – As of recently, the number of colonies seen in this community have reduced quite a bit. Although it appears that this trend of major armies using colonies as a way to grow their empires may be near the end, one colony has stuck around and is still quite prominent within this community. Upon opening, the Water Ninjas were immediately colonized under the Ice Warriors. The leaders that have been established since then, including Semi, have exceeded the expectations of not only the Ice Warriors but the community as a whole.

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Leader Life Stories: Oli, Special Weapons and Tactics

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – Throughout the Eagre Foray, an ongoing war between the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics, one thing has remained consistent: The love that the leaders from both sides have on not only their armies but the community as a whole. Specifically with SWAT, their leader, Oli, is yet another example of a leader from Club Penguin Armies from “back in the day” that continues to stick around to live through the nostalgia that he got to witness throughout his childhood.

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Leader Life Stories: Mare, One Direction Army

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Capital – Although the worldwide phenomenon and heartthrob boy band One Direction is no longer together, a Club Penguin army dedicated to them still stands strong: the One Direction Army. This week we chat with one of the One Direction Army leaders, Mare, about her Club Penguin army story.

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Leader Life Stories: Tsanami, Crimson Guardians Leader

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Capital – Although Crimson Guardians only recently grew into the army community, their presence is widely known. Whether their troops chat in the CP Army Hub Discord or they join alliances and treaties, Crimson Guardians have made a name for themselves in the community. Under their current leadership, including Tsanami, the success of the army is hard to ignore. Continue reading