If you’re, let’s say, new to Club Penguin armies and you don’t know how to battle, then this is the page for you! Think of this as a little learner’s guide. This page will give you just a little information on tactics, leading and everything you need to learn in Club Penguin Armies.

1. An Introduction to Club Penguin Armies

2. Army Chats

3. What is a battle

4. Battle Tactics and Formations

5. Ranks 

6. Promotions/Demotions

7. Recruiting 

8. Final Thoughts


An Introduction:

Hello and welcome to the Guidebook. This page will try it’s best to cover all aspects of Club Penguin Armies in a concise format that isn’t too long and is easy to quickly flick through. We understand most people don’t want to be here forever and just want to play the game. So without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty.


Army Chats:

At the current point in time, armies are using a chat called Discord to relay information and keep in touch with their communities. If you’d like more specific details about what discord is you can view it at, however on a basic level it has a main chat where you can keep in touch with other army members and has different channels that you can view to get information about upcoming events or play games etc etc. All armies currently revolve discord and their is a main discord called the CP Army Hub discord, where all members of the community come together. 

Leaders of the Elites giving battle commands on their discord.

In the photo above along the left you can see the Elite army has plenty of different channels that they use for various different reasons. Viewing the “Main Chat” channel, you can see many leaders of the Elites giving commands to troops during their event. The middle section is the main part where you can communicate with fellow members of your army and along the right hand side is the ranks of people in the army. The general way it works is that the higher ranks are at the top of the list and the lowest ranks are at the bottom. Discord can seem like an overwhelming platform at first but trust me you’ll get used to it. For any help you need regarding how to use discord, feel free to dm your army leader and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.


What is a battle:

Reading this right now for the first time could be quite confusing, how on earth do you battle on Club Penguin? Sounds pretty stupid right? Battles usually happen between two armies but sometimes other armies can get involved. A server is chosen for the battle to take place on and the armies will get online on the server at the same time. For example a battle could be scheduled on Klondike at 4PM.

When the battle is designated to start, the judge of the battle, will declare what room the battle will take place in and in our example, we will use Iceberg. So, we’re at Iceberg and we’re all standing around, do we through snowballs or what? Well battles consist of three factors, size, tactics and formations and a judge determines a winner based off those three attributes. Size is quite self explanatory, whoever has more people is more likely to win. We’ll cover tactics and formations in an upcoming paragraph so hold your horses. After 10 minutes in that said room, a winner of the room is decided by judges in secret followed by them announcing a second room.

We were in the Iceberg for our first room so let’s go to the Stadium next. Like the first room, the judges will watch over the armies sizes, tactics and formations and decide a winner based off those three. Finally a third room, for example Snow Forts, will be chosen and the process will be repeated. This in total brings us to going to 3 rooms with a total of 10 mins in each room making a battle last 30 mins. The judges then announce who won each room and that’s that. Some battles may not have armies show up and an army wins by default, or it’s a tie and it goes to a 4th room(overtime), but this fundamentally is what a battle is. 


Battle Tactics and Formations:

In the last paragraph I introduced the concept of tactics and formations. Let’s dive in to what these are all about.


In the simplest form, tactics are emotes and typed words into the chat. Tactics come in many forms but for this guide we will be going over the basics. 

The first type of tactic is the Emote Tactic. This is the most common tactic and what it means is everyone presses the same emote down for a period of around 5-10 seconds. 

In the picture above we can see the commands for different tactics. In game for example if you press E+C, the coffee emote will pop up and if you press E+G, the gamestick emote will pop up. What defines a good tactic is the amount of people that do it. If you have 10 people online for you army and all 10 people do it at the same time, this is a perfect tactic and the judges like those. However if only 3/10 do it, this is a bad tactic and can be marked down by judges. What you want is consistency in getting a good amount of your troops doing the tactic at once.

The Rebel Penguin Federation doing the E+F command.

Keeping with Emote Tactics, it’s not just how well you do them, it’s how often. Armies will usually do a tactic for 5-10 seconds, then prepare their troops to do another one. For example a leader may say to do E+F, everyone does E+F for 5-10 seconds, then they’ll say do E+8, everyone does that for 5-10 seconds. Keeping consistency and fluidity in how often you do your tactics will make them look cleaner and faster, which is what judges want to see. Judges don’t like to see tactics that are choppy and don’t last 5 seconds or doing one tactic for 20 seconds and one for 5 right after. This looks unclean and unprofessional.

Nachos of CP doing the “Hello” word tactic.

More tactics? You bet! Word Tactics are another form of tactic. In the photo above you can see if you press these buttons, your penguin says text phrases like ‘Hello’ or ‘Goodbye’. These tactics are balanced with Emote Tactics to diversify your attack, which is what the judges want to see. Furthermore, it’s not just pressing buttons like B or H that make your penguin talk, typing in the chat manually does as well. Leaders will type something in your discord chat and expect you to copy and paste it into your chatbar and then to say it when the leader tells you to. Similarly to Emote Tactics, they want you to do it with everyone else and for a certain amount of time. You can see an example of a Word Tactic below.

So we’ve covered Emote and Word Tactics. Is there any others? Well sorry to disappoint you but there are. For our final tactics we have bombs. A bomb is when you use a tactic but instead of standing still and doing it, you run around the enemy in their formation and do it. Judges like to see a variety of bombs being used, so try to do a Word Bomb and a Emote Bomb. In the picture below we can see one army performing a Word Bomb, ignore the Spanish, and one army performing an Emote Bomb.

Redemption Force perform a Word Bomb whilst Marines perform an Emote Bomb.

There are some more advanced tactics, but that’s something your leaders can teach you!


So earlier I mentioned formations and just above here I mentioned bombs where people run around, so what were they in before? They were in a formation. The general premise of a formation is to get into a form that looks pleasing to the eye. Judges love to see unique formations and are always praising armies who pull off unique forms. So what do these forms look like? Let’s see some basic ones here.

Diagonal formation in Docks.

Circle formation in Town

Plus formation in Ski Village.

Three examples of a formation are these three above. An army leader when you enter rooms will tell you to enter a formation and this is what they expect. The cleaner the formation the higher judges will rate it and more points you get however a messy formation could potentially make you lose points in the battle. Tactics are performed in these formations and having a cleaner formation makes good tactics look even better. Both of these aspects we’ve discussed help you win rooms or potentially make you lose rooms. Size is the most important yes, but the two aforementioned factors are important in deciding the victor of any battle.


Ranks are really what you expect. You start at the bottom and climb your way to the top. The amount of ranks there are in an army differentiates between them, so expect some to have more than others. We will go into how to get promoted in the next paragraph but an important thing to note is the first climb in ranks is always the toughest especially if you’re starting off in a large army. Ranking up makes your name more well known not only in your army but in others as well, so if you decide to switch after a while, armies will perhaps be offering you places instead of making you start from the bottom.

Doritos’ Ranking System




Getting promoted at a low rank is quite easy however ranking up at a higher rank can be quite difficult. Usually when you’re a low rank, the best way to get promoted is to attend army events. Events will be posted in your armies event channel and will contain a multitude of timezones so look out for the one you apply for. Another way to get promoted at a lower rank is to be active in your armies chat. This will make leaders and other higher ups notice you and be more willing to promote you after events due to your constant activity. When you start climbing the ranks more, there will be more to do to get promoted however the best way will be recruiting. Recruiting new members into the army will make you look good and is expected of high ranks in many armies as they look to expand and we’ll go into recruiting a bit later into this handbook. With more people coming to events with you recruiting them, the army will get bigger and people will see you as the reason for it and will promote you for the excellent work. A recommendation as well is to ask leaders and higher ups questions on how they got promoted and what else you can do to be promoted.


Getting demoted is a bit more difficult especially at a low rank. Due to less being expected of you, you can get away with inactivity more and not attend events consistently as well, you’re a lower rank, this will halt your promotions but won’t get you demoted. However the further up the ranks you go the more active you have to be and the more events you have to attend to maintain your rank otherwise the army may feel someone below you is more suited. What you want to do to avoid demotions is to try and not cause fights and arguments as this will portray you in a negative light and refusal to follow leaders’ orders will also make you look bad. Especially at a higher rank, there’s more of a fine line when it comes to demotions and what merits one, keep that in mind as you climb the ranks.


The goal here is to direct people onto your discord so we can all talk to them! It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Please keep in mind this is quite a generalized way to recruit, each army will have specific things they want you to do or say and for more information, ask your leaders or higher ups. The best place to recruit is on a populated server on Club Penguin Private Servers and you want to be saying phrases like “Google Army of Club Penguin”. This short messages intrigues players who aren’t familiar with armies and gives them a direct instruction on how to find out more. What you don’t want to do whilst recruiting is just to spam that line I quoted earlier, tell players how fun events are, that it’s safe and they can meet new friends all by joining your army. You want to incentivise your army. 

Bullet pointed below are some do’s and dont’s of recruiting


  • Be friendly with members of the CPPS community and if they ask questions kindly answer them instead of ignoring, being nice and friendly makes people want to join more.
  • Move around the Club Penguin Island to find different people to talk to and tell about armies.
  • Get to know players in different CPPS communities, after becoming friends with them they may want to join more as they see a friend is also in the army.
  • When recruiting on Discord, which is also a way to recruit, only send the invite after they say they want to join to avoid any bans.


  • Trash talk people recruiting for other armies, this only makes you look bad.
  • Spam the same lines over and over, people won’t respond well to that and won’t be interested (they’ll think you’re a bot).
  • Be hostile towards players and not answer their questions.
  • When recruiting on Discord, don’t recruit on servers that have DM recruiting against their rules.

Final Thoughts:

I said at the start of this guidebook it would be concise and trust me, this is as concise as it can get. To anyone who’s read the entirety of this, thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading this. This guidebook isn’t going anywhere so you can always use it for reference if you forget something. Perhaps it’s also good for new recruits or armies who want to make their own guide. There are lots of different ways it can be utilised.

My final advice would be to be gracious in defeat. A lot of people in the community can get angry if they lose and that’s ok, but remember this is just a game and you will win eventually, even if you have to take some losses to get there. 

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