The league is fully optional; an army can still receive media coverage and place on the Top Ten Armies without being a part of the Army Hub League. By entering an army into the league, the leader agrees that they will follow all of the rules outlined below.


CP Army Hub continues to bring the best news coverage to all corners of the CP Army community. Opinions will frequently be sought from the leaders involved to make sure the league continues to evolve. CPAH will have the power to refuse armies on the grounds of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., or if otherwise deemed necessary to ensure the safety and security of our members. CPAH reserves the right to ban armies through a voting system done by CPAH Administration and Army Representatives.

Armies will be moved into the major army category if they have 20+ size points and three consecutive Top Ten placements. Armies will be moved down into the Small/Medium army category if they fail to meet one or both of these requirements for two consecutive weeks. Regardless of size, colonies will be classified in the same category as their colonizer. (If an army is colonized by a Major army, the colony will be classified as a Major army)


In order to gain an army representative, armies must successfully invade their first server. If leaders of these armies invade servers from any armies they are allied with, any of their own colonies, an allies colony, or any army they are colonized under, the invasion will not be valid for obtaining an army representative role. Any leaders who are dual enlisted and invade a server of an army they are enlisted in, a server of their armies colony, a server of an allied army, or an allied armies colony will not gain an army representative role. If an armies HCOM comprises of over 50% of dual enlistments, then they will not be eligible for an army representative role. Armies must also invade without the assistance of any neutral, enemy, or allied armies in order to be eligible for the role. (Example: You start an army while being enlisted in RPF. Your army allies with WV, who have colonized WT. If your new army invades RPF, PIC, LGA, HF, IW, CC, DW, Elites, WV, or WT, you will be ineligible for an army representative.)

Colonies are not eligible for any army representative role. If colonies have completed the above requirements and then declare independence, they will have to complete the requirements again. This is to avoid colonies becoming independent just to gain an army representative role and swing a vote.


In the case of invasions and defenses, CPAH has different rules depending on what category your army is in. The following rules apply for all invasions:

  • Invasions must be scheduled in #invasions-schedule, any invasions that have not been scheduled will be invalid.
  • Invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • An active leader of the opposing army must be made aware of the invasion when it is scheduled.
  • Three invasions can be scheduled at a time, but only two of them are allowed to be against another army. This means that you could schedule a max of three free land invasions at one time if you wished to.
  • If scheduling two invasions on another army, one can be during the AUSIA timezone, which is from 3am EST to 9:30am EST, and one can be during the EU/US timezone, which is any time not within the AUSIA timeframe. As soon as an invasion in one region ends, you may schedule another invasion on that region. (For Example: When the results of an AUSIA invasion are announced, you may then schedule another AUSIA invasion.)
  • The invading army must request judges in #judge-request at least 45 minutes before a battle. Failure to do this will render the invasion invalid.
  • You must have 5 members present at the invasion in order for it to be valid.
  • Invasions can only be scheduled up to a week ahead of time.
  • Armies may only be invaded once within an hour span. Example: If an army is invaded at 5pm EST, the next time they can be invaded is 6pm EST.
  • An armies capital is unable to be invaded until it has no other servers besides its capital.
  • The only battles that will go to overtime are battles for a capital and tournament battles, which will go to a maximum of two overtime rooms. In the case of a tie, the defending army will keep their territory.
  • If the defending army does not show up, the invading army must only remain for ten minutes before declaring victory.

In the case of colonies, the invasion cap counts towards the colonizer and all of its colonies. This means that as a collective, colonies and their colonizers are able to only invade 3 pieces of free land at a time and only have two invasions of another army at a time.

Major to Major Invasion/Defense Rules:

  • Invading armies are able to set the terms for the war/invasion. Terms will be reviewed by CPAH Administration to make sure nothing is too outlandish. (Example: Defending army cannot log on, defending army cannot schedule invasions from 12am to 12am.) Armies will be told if term(s) are found to be too outlandish and the term(s) will be nullified.

Major to Small/Medium Invasion/Defense Rules:

  • Major armies who invade a Small/Medium armies capital must successfully invade the server twice. After one successful invasion of a S/M capital, the server will be under a “Locked” state for 24 hours (unless the Major army explicitly states they have no intentions to invade the capital again, in which case it will be unlocked), in which the S/M army is unable to transfer the land in case the Major army wishes to invade again and successfully gain the server. If the same Major army chooses not to schedule another invasion of this server for whatever reason, the land will be “Unlocked” after the 24 hour period. (which starts at the conclusion of the first battle) The SAME major army must invade the server twice in order to claim it. Major to S/M and S/M to Major invasions are still subject to force treaties.

Small/Medium to Small/Medium Invasion/Defense Rules:

  • Invading armies are able to set the terms for the war/invasion. In the case of war, the defending army is able to counter with additional terms so long as they don’t contradict the original war terms. Terms will be reviewed by CPAH Administration to make sure nothing is too outlandish. (Example: Defending army cannot log on, defending army cannot schedule invasions from 12am to 12am.) Armies will be told if term(s) are found to be too outlandish and the term(s) will be nullified.

Format for declaring an invasion, posted in #invasion-schedule:

Army Name
Invasion of Server (CPPS)
Day, Date, Time
@armyleader OR Unclaimed Land


During any invasion, armies will be subject to what CPAH calls “Common Terms”. These would be terms that are upheld by CPAH and are not able to be denied by any army. Common Terms would entail:

  • No multi-logging
  • No doxxing tactics or DDoSing
  • No toxic tactics (attacking someone’s race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)

It will be up to the discretion of the CPAH Administrators in regards to if a tactic or action breaks these Common Terms. Punishment for breaking these Common Terms would include anything from auto loss of a defense/invasion to a 5 point deduction from the Top Ten.


Common Terms will always apply to all invasions and defenses.

Terms cannot include restrictions on invasion times, event attendance, or directly go against any Army Hub rules. If these terms do include any of the above, they are null and void and CPAH will not honor them.

“No transfers” is an optional term, declaring this would only lock the land with an invasion scheduled on it. This is a term that is not allowed to be denied.

When an army loses all of their land, the losing army will be forced to sign a force treaty.

  • When making a force treaty, armies are not allowed to force things such as merges, colonization, or leadership changes. As always, it will be up to the CPAH Administration team to determine the validity of terms within force treaties. If a term is determined to be breaking CPAH rules, the army will be asked to revise the force treaty.



Judges will continue to be agreed upon by both army leaders. One of the two army leaders involved in the conflict must request one from the appropriate channel and judges will ping those army leaders back to accept.

Army leaders can discuss rooms between themselves, and have until an hour before the battle to inform judges of their chosen rooms. If no rooms are chosen, judges automatically choose the rooms. Army leaders can also tell the judges to pick rooms at any time before that point as well.

All Army leaders will be required to first discuss and try and organize event results themselves. If no verdict is agreed upon by both leaders, they will have no choice but to accept the judges’ opinion used as the official ruling. Judges will decide amongst themselves if there are more than one in DMs or a group chat.

There should always be an odd number of judges, preferably either one or three depending on the scale of the conflict.

As a default, lockouts will be judged, but will not weigh as heavily as the main room in the result.

Practice battles will not be brought into overtime. Before the battle, army leaders may request that the battle be brought into overtime instead of ending in a tie if necessary.




The map includes servers from several of private servers. Armies are welcome to keep nation pages, but the updated map holds precedence in the case of nation page discrepancies. Alaska, CPArmies will remain neutral as CPAH HQ.

An army can only own up to 50% of the map at a time. After this point, they may choose to drop owned land to invade more, OR invade land and then drop successfully invaded land as free land. If neither is done, CPAH can roll a random server under their ownership, including the newly invaded land, to be dropped. 

In terms of colonies, the 50% land cap will affect a colony as well as their colonizer. At one time, a colony and their colonizer combined can hold no more than 50% of the map.



First and foremost, we are a news organization, as the league is entirely optional. Because of this, we will continue to cover all army news universally. However, this does make us and our Discord a popular hub for members of all armies, and even those without armies. Recruiters are not allowed to take advantage of this in order to invite and gain troops from CPAH-affiliated servers. Our Top Ten Armies list will come out weekly, in which all armies that are a part of the league or not will be included. Deductions may be made from Top Ten scores on account of multi-logging or other frowned upon behaviors. Particularly detrimental offenses may result in removal from news coverage altogether.


CP Army Hub reserves the right to remove armies from the League and Tournaments based on the following:

  • There is a majority consensus by army representatives that the army at hand is providing a dramatically unsafe atmosphere as a whole. This means it is not one or a couple of individuals, but an entire environment that is a problem which the leadership promotes, encourages or does nothing to resolve.
  • An intervention has been held and concerns have been cited to which the responding army has not reacted appropriately, made any visible motion to change, or taken responsibility in any way. If there has been no effort and no visibility of said effort, an army representative vote will be held.
  • The army will not be allowed to participate until a point in which CPAH can gauge change and a re-vote can be held

In order to vote an army out, the following steps will have to be completed:

  • A concerned Army Representative brings their concerns to a CEO, preferably with documented evidence of the allegations against the army.
  • The administration will vote on whether or not the proposal to ban the army in question should move forward. A 2/3rds vote is required to pass this stage.
  • If the vote passes, Army Representatives will then be able to vote on the removal of the army from the CPAH league and CPAH tournaments. A 2/3rds vote is required to pass this stage.
  • If this vote passes, the army will be removed from the league and have their Army Representative role removed. The army will still have their leader roles in order to submit events for the Top Ten.



CPAH Tournaments will continue to be held on an invitation basis. This will most likely come down to Top Ten placements. As of now, ALL armies except for colonies are invited to all future tournaments, but incessant rule-breaking may change an army’s standings.

The official CP Army Hub tournament Discord server is to be used for all tournaments.

Armies may not be invaded within an hour of a tournament battle. Example: If an armies tournament battle is at 4pm EST, they cannot be invaded from 3pm EST to 5pm EST. Invasions scheduled at times such as 2:59 EST in order to evade rules are subject to cancellation by the CPAH Administration in order to maintain tournament integrity.



CPAH retains the ability to remove an army or person from their league, affiliated Discord servers, or media coverage. The reasoning will be made clear as to why, and decisions will be made by more than one member of the administration in order to prevent biased rulings. The severity of the punishment will depend on the severity of the action that earned it. Disagreements should be brought to the CEOs. Consequences may include:

  1. Warning
  2. Deduction of points from the Top Ten Armies list
  3. Annexation of specific territories owned
  4. Removal from participation in the CPAH League
  5. Removal from CPAH’s affiliated Discord servers
  6. Removal from CPAH’s media coverage

Armies that are inactive for over two weeks (have not posted event results in either the #event-results channel or on their website) will have their Army Representative role removed. Armies that are inactive for three weeks will have their Army Representative and Army Leader roles removed, as well as have their army role and Discord/Website links removed from army channels. In order to be eligible to gain Army Representative back after two weeks, the army must hold an event. After three weeks, the army must sign up again in the #army-sign-up channel.

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