2funky3 Retires Following Clover-Dorito ‘AUSIA’ Clash

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Following a close, fun-filled battle between the Army of CP and the Doritos, 2funky3 announced his retirement from the Army of CP’s High Command. What led to his retirement? Continue reading

Army of CP Higher Command Conflict Results In ‘Civil War’

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Tensions are running high in the Army of Club Penguin after a full-blown civil war erupted between the Echo and Alpha divisions. What appeared to be a harmonious and cooperative army has now come out with the truth: it was all but a facade. This shocking news might be hard to bear, but it is the sad reality as we watch the Army of Club Penguin face off in its first-ever Civil WarContinue reading


Uganda Be Kidding Me: Koloway Coup’d as 2funky3 Takes Over URDF

KLONDIKE, Orange’s Office – Huge updates have today appeared from the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. In an attempt to protect, serve and defend the East Central country of Uganda, a group of hero’s have emerged from the dust in order to do so. With those hero’s having big ambitions, it seems that they might not be singing from the same Ugandan national anthem.

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Uganda Be Kidding Me: Tensions Rise Between Leaders and Prospects

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – All eyes have been drawn to the comings and goings of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force following a string of updates since their arrival on the scene not too long ago. Managing to max nine troops in their opening event, the army has managed to stay news worthy ever since.

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