BeanPea Bids Farewell ToBean Crimson Guardians Leadership Position

THERMAL, Crimson Guardians Empire – Many retirements and leadership changes have occurred from the past month. Crimson Guardians leader BeanPea recently stepped down from her position, after a long stint as the army’s leader. Why did she decide to retire at this crucial juncture for the Crimson Guardians? Continue reading


Purple05’s Retirement From Water Ninjas Leadership

UNKNOWN, Water Ninja’s Empire – As we kick start into October, the community faces yet another retirement. This time, the Water Ninjas wave goodbye to one of their main leaders, Purple. Continue reading

The Crust Burns: Hidcre Leaves Pizza Federation Leadership and Community

ABOMINABLE, Pizza Federation Capital – Hidcre, a PZF leader, has temporarily stepped down from her leadership position. What caused her decision to retire? Continue reading

The Eagre Foray: Day Twelve, Another Win For Water Vikings

WOOL SOCKS, Battle Ground – The twelfth day of the war between the Water Vikings and SWAT has concluded.  What happened today? Continue reading

The Eagre Foray: Day Six, Vikings Avoid Invasion With Sever Transfer,

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The sixth day of the war between the Special Weapons and Tactics and Water Vikings has concluded, but who currently has the upper hand? 

Continue reading