Agent 11 Announces Ice Warriors Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – After leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and recreating it to its former glory, Ice Warrior’s most loyal leader, Agent11 has announced his retirement from the icy throne.

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Marines Army Implicated in Agent 11 Attack

UPDATE: The leader of the Janitors Army has also just been declared a person on interest in the ongoing investigation into the attack on Agent 11.

GRIZZLY, Marines Army Territory – A few days ago a shocking news story shocked the very foundation of the Army Community. The announcement came about from Andrew24 on the official discord server for the Ice Warriors. Agent 11 had been attacked in real life by an unknown asailant. Following a shocking confession, it would seem that we may now have been able to identify the attacker.

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Ice Warriors Leader Suffers Real Life Attack

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – In a time of mass panic over Covid 19, the World has seen many kind acts of people coming together and helping each other out in their times of need. In some corners of the world, life has become a lot more dangerous to lead, such as for Ice Warriors leader Agent 11, who was attacked recently on his way to the store.

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