What If: The Original Club Penguin Never Shut Down

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – On March 29th, 2017, Club Penguin shut its doors to players all over the world, leaving them nostalgic as they parted ways with the game. This in turn led to several popular Club Penguin armies shutting down. Their leaders reasoned that the shutdown of the game was the direct implication of the end of armies. However, a few army members came together to breathe life into armies and operate on Club Penguin Private Servers. Soon, the community was reborn and a new league arose. The events that followed are well known history, with new friendships, legends, rifts that led to a split into two separate factions of armies and so on. Later, efforts from some of the more farsighted pioneers saw a re-unification, finally bringing in peace to the community. This was the move that shaped armies as we know them today. Now, consider a very interesting scenario:

What if the original Club Penguin had never shutdown?

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Into the Vault: ‘The Grinch War’

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — Reopening the buried files and wounds of war, CP Army Media brings forward, the third edition of “Into the Vault,” this time about a mythical series of battles which took place in 2016.

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Into the Vault: The Final Day

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — Club Penguin, a game that had millions of hearts attached to it, closed its doors on 29th March 2017. CP Army Media brings forward, the second edition of ‘Into the Vault,’ in which we dwell on incidents of the past, this time, the Final Day of Club Penguin.

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