Practice Battle Review: Ice Warriors vs Turnage Penguin Army

KLONDIKE, Battle Ground– Today, the Ice Warriors and Turnage Penguin Army logged on for a friendly practice battle! Both sides performed really well with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what occurred during this practice battle. Continue reading

Practice Battle Review: SWAT vs. Coup Crusaders

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  Another close practice broke out against 2 armies who peaked at very similar sizes. In addition to the size, both armies showcased great forms and tactics, but who emerged the victor of this intense battle? Continue reading

Melting Ice: Frozen Zuke Announces Permanent Retirement

SUBZERO, Ice Warrior’s Capital – After a long month of leading the legendary army Ice Warriors of Club Penguin and bringing it to its former glory, Ice Warriors Leader and CP Army Legend Frozen Zuke has retired from the army. Continue reading