Double Trouble: IW and ACP Claim Practice Battle Victories

ALASKA, Battle Ground – A pair of intense practice battles occurred earlier today between two sets of powerful armies. The first battle began with the Water Vikings engaging in battle with the Ice Warriors. Following closely afterwards, the Army of Club Penguin took on the Special Weapons and Tactics in another fierce practice battle. Although all four armies proved to be strong powerhouses, which two claimed victory today?

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‘AUSIA’ Standoff Between Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force

ALASKA, Battleground –  On October 3rd the Rebel Penguin Federation faced off against the Help Force in a tough battle, but who came out victorious?

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The Eagre Foray: Day Seven and Eight, Double Overtime In One-Hour Battle

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The seventh and the eighth days of the highly anticipated Water Vikings versus SWAT war have come to an end. What went down in the two battles?  Continue reading

Ice Warriors and Army of CP Battle Heads Into Overtime

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors went head to head today in a heated AUSIA practice battle that resulted in overtime. Although both powerhouses performed fabulously during the match, only one army could win. When green goes against blue, who prevails? Continue reading

Golden Troops Shine Bright In Surprising Elites Battle

ALASKA, Battle Server –  Yesterday we witnessed a small-medium army take on a major army in an intense practice battle. Despite valiant efforts from both parties, a surprising victor emerged. 
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