The Return of Redemption Force

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire  After a prolonged silence, the Redemption Force of Club Penguin opens their doors once again. The force has awakened. Continue reading

What Colony Belongs to What Army?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – According to the CP Armies Wiki page, a colony is an army that operates under another army. The colony functions as a separate army, but all its servers go to the parent army and in return, the parent army offers assistance to the colony. The number of colonies owned by certain armies is increasing, which begs the question: what colony belongs to what army?
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Community Spotlight: Rebel Penguin Federation Summer Olympics

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Rebel Penguin Federation had an eventful week as they held their 2020 Summer Olympics. With 100 or more troops on each of the four teams, their tournaments were competitive throughout the entire week.
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Phoebe Steps Down From People Imperial Confederation

TOBOGGAN, People Imperial Confederation Empire –  The commander of PIC, Phoebe, steps down from her position. What caused her to step down? Which army is she headed to now?
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New Kid On The Block: Turnage Penguin Army

Alaska, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Turnage Penguin Army enters the wondrous world of armies. Will this newly formed army be successful?

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