Main Leader 32op Steps Down From The Doritos

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Empire – The Doritos have seen a great number of changes for the past few days. Following a disassociation with the league at CP Army Hub, and the retirement of long time leader and legend Meerrkat, today another leader has stepped down. Since the time of Doritos’ opening and their debut in the CPO Army League, Doritos and CPA Legend 32op has been an essential part of the army’s success. What was the legacy 32op left behind in the legendary army, and what were his reasons to retire?

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Templars Removed From The NDA Following CPG Defacement

YETI, New Dawn Alliance Empire – Not too long ago, the New Dawn Alliance has risen once again and has come back stronger than ever. Members of the newly resurrected alliance being the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, Elites, Lime Green Army, and Templars. However, little over a day after, the Templars have been removed from the alliance, immediately.

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CP Army Media’s Final Farewell

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, The Administration Office – For years now, the army community was separated due to complex relations and tense disagreements. Many figures and leaders within this community attempted to bring all armies under one umbrella but failed time and again. We saw a revolutionary step towards this when all armies put aside their differences for the sake of survival and used CP Armies: The Game together. It is with joy, awe, and excitement that we now announce the final step in achieved unity: Club Penguin Army Hub. To that end, we also memorialize all that we achieved and sadly close Club Penguin Army Media.

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New Supreme Commanders of DW: Squirrel & Julia

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – The Dark Warriors’ leadership has seen recent changes, with one leader stepping down and two new additions stepping up to the role of Supreme Commander.

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LFA Returns After Failed Merge with RFCP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Los Facheros Army – A shocking announcement was made announcing a merge of another army. But as tensions rose, the merge did not last as long as expected. Continue reading

Royals Shut Their Gates

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royals Army – Following their final event on Saturday, June 14th, the Royals of CP ceased operations and transformed into a hangout chat. Read on to find out more.
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Teaska Inducted As SWAT Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – Earlier today, June 15, the Royals of CP announced that they would be shutting down their doors in the CPA community. In a surprising turn of events, Teaska, the creator of Royals has been inaugurated as SWAT’s newest commander. To read an interview we conducted with Teaska and more information on this induction, read below!

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Bee Departs From Dark Warriors Leadership

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – After the Dark Warriors’ landslide victory against the Water Vikings in the Legends Cup, Bee has decided to retire from the DW leadership.

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Undercover Troop: Parent Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Robot’s Desk – In the second edition of the ‘Undercover Troop‘ series, CP Army Media investigated how armies present themselves to parents. How did YOUR army do?

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[EDITORIAL] Why Are So Many Armies Shutting Down?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Editorial Office –  After a surplus of recent shutdowns, many may be curious about the real reasons for their taking place. Is it because of the end of COVID restrictions in many places? Is it the result of untrustworthy staff? Or is it because of poor leadership?

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