[EDITORIAL] The Real Life Impacts of the Club Penguin Army Community

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Coolguy’s Desk – Since the beginning of Club Penguin Armies, many members have struggled in this community. Club Penguin Army news only covers an army’s strifes, yet as individuals, we suffer too. Throughout the years, we have seen many people enter and leave the community for many reasons. What are the real-life impacts of the army community on the individuals within it?

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Frosty Tensions: The Truth Behind The Ice Warriors And Coup Crusaders Separation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Crystal Cowboys’ Nation – Despite the apparent close relationship shared between the Coup Crusaders and Ice Warriors, the icy superpower shockingly declared independence from the now-named Crystal Cowboys. What were the motives behind their sudden choice of sovereignty?

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CP ARMY LEAGUE: TOP TEN [5/24/20 – 5/31/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week at the Club Penguin Army League, we saw major armies such as the Doritos, Pirates & Ice Warriors battle for land along with the departure of Andrew24, Bay & Freezie66 from the army community. We also saw more armies shutting down and a few making a return. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week!

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