Moshivictus Removed From Lime Green Army Leadership

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – Moshivictus, a leader of the Lime Green Army, has been removed from his position following a shocking series of events.

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Titans at War: Army of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

NOTICE: This story is still developing. Some facts might be outdated in future events. STAY tuned for further news.

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital ─ Following the Recent exposé of the Army of Club Penguin’s High Command chat, which involved incriminating screenshots of ACP HCom insulting RPF, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war. Seeing as these are the two largest armies, what consequences might this have for our community? Read more to find out.

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CPAM Coffee Table #1

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ ─ Throughout the past week, many things have happened. Many armies have been facing difficulty and new armies emerging from the ashes of them; some behind-the-scene affairs, and some other quarrels across the community. In spite of all of this, Club Penguin Army Media is proud to present its new “Coffee Table” series in which we review the week in a retrospect and make sure YOU, the reader, have all of the facts!

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Drama Revolves around ACP – Hacked or Leaked?

MAMMOTH, Army of CP HQ At around 2:50pm EST on Friday, an unidentified user added the Club Penguin Army Media’s administration to a Group Chat and  shared an “Exposé” post regarding the Army of Club Penguin. However, it didn’t take much time before these series of posts were publicized. In this post CP Army Media will be taking you on a ride sharing all the relevant information about the posts, ACP’s response on it and how can it affect the current army scenario.

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