Cobra Attempts For Mass Templars Exodus as Internal Conflicts Arise

UNKNOWN Territory, Templars Empire – Drama flares in the Templars as Grand Prior Cobra attempts a rebellion and exodus against creator Xing. What went down behind the scenes that led to this? Continue reading

Romans Celebrate Fourteenth Anniversary and Announce Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans’ Empire   As the Romans celebrated their 14th-anniversary, they also announced their decision to close the army’s doors. They held one last bittersweet event for this generation of a well-known and longstanding army. What was the reason behind their shutdown?

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It’s Revamp Time: Romans Spring Back into Action

UNKNOWN, Romans of CP Empire – Yesterday, the Romans of CP saw an abundance of leadership changes. New faces joined and familiar faces vanished, alongside a revamp in the way the army will host upcoming events. What changed were made to the army? Who does the new leadership consist of?

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Smurf Removed From Romans Leadership Following Conflict Of Interest

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Romans Empire – Army leaders fall apart quite often owing to differences in opinion. In some of these cases, the issue is discontent with the performance of a certain individual. Consequent to several conflicts with the current leadership, Roman Legate Smurf was fired from the army with immediate effect on September 8th. Continue reading

Bouncing Back: How The Doritos Re-entered The Major Rankings

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – In an attempt to leave their low turnouts in the past, the Doritos changed their attitude this week and even managing to secure themselves a position in the Top Ten.

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Dino Quits Doritos Leadership Following “Internal Drama”

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – Leader Dino has quit his position from the Doritos Army just a week after his inauguration, citing “internal drama”. What drove Dino to this unexpected departure?

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“Doritos Will Rise From The Ashes” Say New Leaders Dino and Marie

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – The Doritos have found themselves consistently making headline news over the last several months, and following a quieter few weeks, have welcomed two new additions to their leadership.

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Dino Retires from Lime Green Army Leadership

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Headquarters — In a surprising turn of events, Dino announced his retirement from the LGA leadership.

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