Ice Warriors Invade Parka And Force Treaty Army of the Orient Seas

PARKA, Battle Ground – Stemming from the Black Seas War, many conflicts have occurred in the community since the beginning of November. Most recently, the Ice Warriors invaded the Army of the Orient Seas’ last remaining server: Parka. Why did the invasion occur, and how did it impact the two armies? Continue reading


Ice Warriors: Erick Inducted Into Leadership

SUBZERO, Ice Warriors’ Empire – With the incoming wave of retirements and leadership inaugurations, it’s no surprise that the legendary army, Ice Warriors have joined the fray, promoting one of their most loyal troops, Erick. Earlier today, after a heated battle with Help Force, an announcement came as a surprise for everyone.

Continue reading

Ash Promoted To Coup Crusaders Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – Earlier today, the Coup Crusaders saw the promotion of their leader-in-training, Ash to a full-time commander. Continue reading