Ana Soars Back Into Fighter Pilots Leadership

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Empire – Just two months after Ana announced she will be retiring from the community, she announces today that she will be returning to Fighter Pilots Leadership. What led to this decision?

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If Armies Were Netflix Originals

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – No matter how many responsibilities we may have, most of us enjoy a relaxing evening with a binge-fest on Netflix. This week, the CP Army Hub staff asked themselves, which Netflix Original would some of our CP armies be?

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Know Your Army Meme: Fighter Pilots

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Scorpion from Miss Haha’s Desk – Yes, I took over Sarahah’s office for this post. Welcome to the latest issue of the Know Your Army Meme column, written by Editor-In-Chief, Scorpion Demon. In this column, I interview army members about their favorite memes from their home army. Let’s start with the next army right away!

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The Final Flight: Ana Retires From Fighter Pilots

ALPINE- Fighter Pilots Capital- The September drop is a difficult time in this community. With many people’s real-life responsibilities piling up, it is no secret that this is a tough time for armies across the board. Lately, we have seen many leaders retire from this community, the latest being Ana of the Fighter Pilots.
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September 1st: The Eschatocol Of The Ice Warrior Treaties

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – The end of the summer is upon the army community, marking the end of an era and the promise of the new things to come. As we enter September, we do so with seven less treaties.

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Small-Medium Community Clash In Four-Way Battle

YETI, Battle Server –  The community has seen many practice battles, but none as legendary as this fierce four-way battle! Out of the four armies who participated, who emerged victorious?

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What Would YOU Do: Your Leader Accepts Bribery For Ranks

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, army moderators and HCOM members were asked what they would do if they found out their leaders were accepting bribery for higher ranks.

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Fighter Pilots Leader Semi Steps Down, Jenn Returns to Leadership

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Capitol This week, Semi ended his flight with the Fighter Pilots and Jenn returned to the captain’s seat. Fighter Pilots is an upcoming Small/Medium Army consistently in the S/M Top 5. As the most recognizable face of FP in CPA, Semi’s departure may leave most wondering what’s in store for the future and what Jenn and Ana’s plans for this up and coming army are. Read on to find out more! 

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The Black Ice Alliance Offensive: Day One Recap

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Much has happened since the Black Ice Alliance and their allies declared a string of invasions against the Lime Green Army, Pizza Federation, and Water Troops. Today, we recap the results of this unexpected and dramatic war. Continue reading

Jenn Flies Away From Fighter Pilots Staff

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fighter Pilots A shocking announcement from one of the current leaders of the Fighter Pilots, Ana, leaves the army in despair. One of the original creators had stepped down from leadership a few weeks ago, but most recently they’ve stepped down from their staff team all-together. 

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