Oliver and Aubz Say Goodbye to SWAT Leadership

SNOW SHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire Oliver and Aubz, both well-established and renowned SWAT leaders, have decided to step down from their leadership positions and CP Armies as a whole.

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Special Weapons and Tactics Move To Major Army

SNOW SHOE, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – Recently, we saw a strong contender in the small-medium army community join the major army ranks. Who might this army be?

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SWAT Creator Ganger90 Enlists As Golden Troops High Command

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Army legend Ganger90 has recently returned to his former army, Golden Troops, as a member of their high command. Why has he returned and what will his return bring to the army?

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CPAH Special Report: The One-Man Multilogging Operation Of Ganger90

Update: SWAT Leader Coolguy has released a statement expressing his shock at the situation and condoning the actions of his co-leader, Ganger90.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – Following the Special Weapons and Tactics most successful week in their current generation, a one-man multilogging operation has been uncovered by the Army Hub administration. 

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