A Cry For Help: Help Force Leadership Problems Made Public

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – There’s a storm beneath seemingly calm waters at Help Force as multiple former staff members step out with allegations against the leadership. What concerns were serious enough for them to leave their beloved army? Continue reading

Tistle Announces Retirement From Help Force

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – As summer ends and a new semester approaches, the community bids goodbye to Help Force leader Tistle who announced his departure from the leadership. He plans to remain until August 31st for his retirement event before leaving armies permanently. Continue reading


A Look Into The Help Force’s Isolationist Foreign Policy

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire Amidst all the squabbling and fighting that frequents the Club Penguin Armies community, one army sets itself apart from the rest in their sense of isolation. The Help Force, a relatively new army formed in 2018, stands today as one of the strongest major armies. Yet, despite this, they have adopted an approach that is unlike any other. Is the Help Force’s isolationist foreign policy the source of its strength and success? Continue reading