Triple Threat: Ice Warriors Schedule Invasion For Water Vikings Empire

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The latest community-wide conflict, dubbed the ‘Black Seas War’, faces a sudden twist in plot as the Ice Warriors join the count of armies invading the Water Vikings. What led to this decision on part of the Ice Warriors? Continue reading

Midnight Troops Take On Crimson Guardians In Capital Invasion

THERMAL, Battle Ground Just yesterday, the Midnight Troops and the Crimson Guardians fought over control of the server Thermal. Both armies displayed excellent tactics and speed, but only one army can win. Who emerged victoriously?

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Sorcerers Cast Final Spell: Indefinite Closure Announced

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sorcerers Of Club Penguin – Just over 2 months after the creation of Sorcerers, they are on their last leg – or so it seems. Lewis, Sorcerers leader, made an announcement earlier today declaring that Sorcerers will go on hiatus but what does this mean for the Sorcerers?
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Black Ice Alliance And Allies Launch Mass Offensive

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  In a recent turn of events, three major armies and six small/medium armies simultaneously scheduled invasions against the Pizza Federation, Lime Green Army, and Water Troops. Continue reading

Rebel Penguin Federation Successfully Invades Recon Federation

YUKON, Battle Server – The invasion of Yukon scheduled by the Rebel Penguin Federation nearly three days ago finally occurred today, and the Recon Federation put up a strong showing on the battlefield. Both armies fought well for control of the server, but who came out of the conflict as the winner? Continue reading

Mass Invasions Occur As The Server Map Opens

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Within a few hours of the official opening of CP Army Hub’s server map, invasion announcements in army servers piled up as armies scattered around to gain some land.

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Battle Review: Templars and Water Vikings Fight For White House

KLONDIKE, Water Vikings Nation– On Monday, June 22nd, the Templars invaded Water Vikings server White House in an attempt to reclaim lost land.

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Templars Declare War on Crimson Guardians; Transfer of Server to Army of CP

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Templars have declared war on the Crimson Guardians, but a server transfer means they will be logging on to battle the Army of Club Penguin.

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